Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Black and Gold Sunday

Oh yes folks, it's the biggest day of the year!At least it is if you're a football fan.Today The Big City is swimming in Black and Gold and I felt like like an alien when I went for breakfast this morning wearing ordinary clothes and not a Steeler's Jersey. I'm surprised we even got waited on.

I hate to admit it but if it weren't for Hans I probably wouldn't even watch the game. Absolute heresy I know but that's how it is.

What do I like about Super Bowl Sunday?

If we end up getting invited to a party then it would have to be the the food, the drinks, the halftime show and of course the ultimate fun; the commercials.

In the past when I was married, my now ex would go watch the game with friends and I would stay home with the kids. For quite a few years Nickelodeon hosted The Andy Griffith Bowl (complete with commentary) and all day long I would sew and watch endless episodes of black and white Andy.

It was pure heaven!

But Hans and I are invited to a party (I guess someone likes us) so there will be no Andy, and no sewing, but I know I will have fun because everything with Hans is fun.

I felt a little bet better about not being a football fan when we called Hans' Baby Brother this afternoon and when Hans told him we'd be watching the SUPER BOWL, Baby Brother asked if that's the team that Wayne Gretzky's on!

By the way, Baby Brother lives in Toronto so I guess he has a better excuse than me.

On the sewing front; Hans and I rearranged his apartment yesterday and I at least got my sewing area set up. It needs a lot of tweaking but it's workable and I think I'll like it.

This was Hans' dining room. It's now my sewing room.
My machine is sitting on Hans old desk that he used as a little boy growing up in Canada. Originally it sat square under the window but I moved it in order to make room for my two card tables that I use as a cutting table. I used that storage bin as a seat today and it worked.

Here you can see the card tables with a cutting mat on top. I can store supplies underneath. I may make a skirt to go around the tables and cover up some of the clutter.

Oops, my ironing board is blocking the kitchen! No beer for Hans.

I brought this valance from my house. It used to be in Baby Girl's room but it's not needed there anymore.

Just to get the feel of sewing in my new space I made this potholder to go with the apron that I made a while ago.
It turned out very nice and I think I'll have fun in my new home.
It's time to go folks.
I hear food, beer, entertainment, and commercials calling.
Baby Brother and I hope that Wayne Gretzky scores many home runs!!!

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Anonymous said...

The Andy Griffith Bowl?? Now how did I miss that!
Your new sewing area looks like it will work out just fine. Great potholder - love that fabric.
And yeah -- Super Bowl Sunday all about the food & drinks!