Saturday, April 4, 2009

Some purses and a computerless weekend

Baby Girl has a lacrosse game today so I will be travelling back to my house (that's currently on the market) and staying there until tomorrow. Since I shut off the cable and DSL connection, I'll have no TV or computer.

That's something I'm just not used to!

I'll also go visit my parents and their menagerie of pets, I'm also taking my running clothes, and I've got a new library book. Anything to take up my tv-less and computer-less time!

Here is a very bad color combo on my 3 in 1 purse. In the store the colors looked really great together but after making it and showing it to my color/fashion guru Hans, he vetoed it.

Too busy and just not right, was his comment.

Sh*t!, was my comment.

So I pulled the inner bag out.

And added it to this outer bag.

Hans says this is acceptable. It's still busy and bright but I love busy and bright.

My mother once told me when I was little that only her mother made worse color choices than me.

I guess it's something I'll never outgrow.

So here is the outside of the original bad color combo and it's sitting on it's new inner bag fabric. (not the fabric next to it, that's for something else).

Much better!

This is for yet another bag and I really do love this combination. I didn't use a flash so it appears kind of dull here.

On Sunday I'm going over to Baby Girl's apartment and she's going to try to teach me photo shop and how to make a banner for my etsy shop etc... Like I've said before, I need to be shown how to do something and then I'm ok. I just can't figure things out on my own.

Just one more thing I'll never outgrow!


Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY said...

Really cute bags. I love the colorful fabrics too.

Katie Alender said...

I love bright colors, too! It has totally bitten me in the 'tocks at times because I'll put a ton of work into something and it's just horrible. Someday I'll post about the ugliest quilt ever, which I honestly don't even think I could GIVE away.

The second combo is cute. And I can see how the first one would look good in the store!

Have you thought about doing like a black and white inner back and different color switch-out-able outer bags?

Do you use quilting cottons or home decor weight?

(My verification word is "hantsm," which is so cute! "He's soooo hantsm!")

Mary Witzl said...

I'm not a bright color woman myself, but once in a while I go out and buy myself something totally outlandish. I have to agree with Hans about the first bag, but I love the ones you modified!

If you ever want to see crazy textile combinations, check out women wearing traditional kimonos and the obis they are worn with. They do the weirdest matches: orange and purple with grey and green. I never ceased to be amazed at the colors people saw fit to put together.

laura said...

Thanks Lisa, I don't think I could work with boring colors!

Katie, where I come from if you tell people that your ugly quilt was made by the Amish you could get big bucks for it! And my blog must have known it was you knocking at the door because your Winston is soooo 'hantsm'. If you mean have I thought about making a bag than can have more than one bottom? Yes I have, I just need to get there!

Mary, the brighter and gaudier the better. When I was a kid I loved riding past a house that was lime green and pink. I wanted to live there.

laura said...

Just me again. Katie I usually use quilting cotton but home dec would be great too, but it seems like the only home dec stuff on sale is ugly. And I only buy on sale!!

Dena Rooney-Berg (SugarShop) said...

Super Cute Bags!!!! Love the bright fabs. :)