Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finally some sewing!

My house is almost empty and I'm now at that stage where every time I reach for something I realize it's not here but in Hans' apartment.

While I was in the Big City last week I did manage to get some sewing done. This purse is from a pattern but I can't remember which one (and of course I'm at my house right now and the pattern is in the apartment!). It's made from polished cotton and I have yards and yards of this fabric. Actually I'd love to make a summer dress from it but I'm half a afraid I'd end up looking like an upholstered couch!

Here is Sally Stitch modeling it for me.

It's a pretty purse but it needs some serious tweaking and by the time I'm done monkeying with the pattern it will be a lot different.

I bought a new cardboard cutting board because the old one was such a mess.

This is the dining room in Hans' apartment and I have my board on two card tables.

Here's the ugly old board which is now history!

Now this is something I'm very happy with.

This is truly my own design and I put a lot of thought into it.

I love things to be versatile. Most likely because I'm so cheap. This is two bags in one.

Actually it's not quite done yet because I ran out of covered buttons. So when I came back to my house this week I brought the bag with me, along with the fabric to cover the buttons, and I was even far thinking enough to bring the little covered button tool that's needed to do the job. I ran into JoAnn's last night, bought 2 packs of covered buttons (those little buggers are expensive!) but when I got home I realized I have no needles or thread!

I'm very glad to say that by next Monday I will be in the Big City for good (or at least until reality kicks in and Hans wonders what the hell he was thinking!).

The lower part of the purse is completely separate from the main bag and is held in place with covered buttons. This creates very generous pockets on the outside of the bag.
The main bag sports a fun little cork print and has a small flap with a magnetic snap closure. You can't really see them but there are covered buttons on the front and back that hold the lower portion of the purse in place.

You can just see them on the above picture.
If you just want a simple and plain bag then you can take the bottom off. The covered buttons remain in place and take nothing away from the look of the bag.

So here's the fun part.

The button holes that have been sewn into the outer/lower part of the bag (that hold it to the upper bag) now allow handles to be buttoned into place so you now have a very cute little bag. As you can see this is where I need my covered buttons and I have only pinned these handles in place. When not in use these handles lie perfectly flat in the bottom of the bag and can be sandwiched between it and the main bag when using both of them as one unit.

I also added a snap closure on the inside of this bag (between the button holes) so that it can close. When it's used with the main bag the snap is not used and it isn't seen either!!!!
Here is the inside zippered pocket with a zipper pull I made out of a wine cork.

And I've finally decided that even though I love to sew purses it's getting a little out of hand so I'm going to start selling on Etsy. I ordered labels today and I'll post a picture of them as soon as I get them. I know that tons of people offer their items on Etsy and I don't have high expectations but it's something I'd like to try and I have a lot of ideas.
Even though it was bitter cold this weekend Hans cooked steaks on the grill. Here is our tiny table in our tiny kitchen and I'm using my grandmother's table cloth. I have several of those old vintage cotton table cloths that women used in the 40's and I like to use them when possible.
Tomorrow my carpets are getting cleaned (and boy do they need it!), my hair is getting cut and colored (and boy do I need it!), and I have to finish cleaning the garage (don't even ask!!).


The Slapdash Sewist said...

You've been busy for not having access to your sewing stuff! I really like that first bag, i can see what draws you about the print.

Katie Alender said...

Wow! Your own design! That's fabulous, and really cute. Good for you, Laura. Three bags in one. I'm awestruck.

laura said...

Trena, I've always loved lilacs and along with the style of the first purse I just thought they belonged together.
Katie, I'm a little stunned myself because for just about the first time in my sewing life, something I dreamed up, actually worked out!

Handmade said...

That's a very clever bag indeed!