Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An intricate swap but no sewing yet!

It's been a long time since my life has revolved around other people's schedules. But tonight I had to wait until almost 10:00 PM for Baby Girl to call me from Lacrosse practice so that she could get her car (the garbage can on wheels that I've mentioned in the past) to our local Toyota dealership where I was to meet her and take her back to her apartment.

Tomorrow she will drive my old car which she got possession of this weekend (and is now her new car) to the same dealership so that they can swap the new tires from her poor old car to her new car (my old car).

And if you can figure out any of that gibberish then you're doing better than me.

Tomorrow morning I will meet her at the dealership (I've been using Hans' vehicle) and take her to her class (college girl) while they work on our cars, but only after I've taken her to breakfast.

Just waiting for her to call me reminded me of the many times I waited for my son (who will be 26 in April!!) to call me from hockey practice so I could go get him. For one full year his practice started at 10:00 Pm and ended at eleven and this was on a school night!!!

I kid you not.

Those of you who are currently childless might want to count your blessings.

Tonight had the added pleasure (?) of Baby Girl announcing that she's pretty sure she broke her big toe at practice and has to go get X-Rays in the morning. She added to the drama by using crutches to walk 2 feet from her car to mine (really Hans' vehicle that I've been using).

She was surly and snotty (not like her at all) during the trip to her apartment and after telling me that she planned on playing Lacrosse "no matter what", I didn't argue with her and told her that if that's what she wanted to do then fine (although I bit my tongue, because I really wanted to ask her how she planned to do that if she needed CRUTCHES to walk 2 stinking feet to my car! But she's my third and believe me I've learned a lot!).

After the tire swap we need to get her poor, tired, and almost dead vehicle to a man who's promised me $75.00 (a lot less than the $4,000 blue book value) for its carcass.

But her answer to me was, "I still have stuff in it. I don't have time to empty it".

?????!!!!!!!####&&**##%@ !

She's known for about 3 months that at the end of February when her car's inspection is due that this would have to be done.

And she's my responsible one.

That's why bourbon is my friend.

Hans' nerves are also a bit frazzled.

He had to go to Europe for two weeks on business.

The first week was pleasant. He spent a good deal of time in Germany and this allowed him to stay (a big savings for the company!) with family, but this week? Not so much fun.

At one point he spent over 40 dollars on a 6 minute taxi ride and only later found out he could have taken a bus for about 3 dollars. And believe me this man has traveled around the world many times and it's tough to pull a fast one over on him.

He says he thinks perhaps Madrid has built the biggest airport ever. To get to baggage claim you have to go from point A to point Z (and in so doing, you go past every expensive shop imaginable, and isn't that a brilliant ploy?) (BTW we suffered through the same thing in Barcelona) and even then he had to wait twenty minutes for his baggage to roll in.

His taxi driver blatantly ripped him off for about 20 euros.

On his trip from Germany to Zurich someone stole a liter of beer (Yes a liter! it's Germany for God's sake!) out of his checked baggage.

He forgot his good dress pants on the back of a bathroom door and had to buy a new pair at a 'Big and Strong Man' store (as opposed to a 'Wimpy Little Man' store?) only after being giggled at by a girl at a trendy clothing store and being told "We don't carry your size".

His current (way overpriced) hotel has 9 ounce bottles of beer for 9 euros! And there is absolutely no where else to go for a drink.

This is Tuesday and he still has to go to Athens (where he's scheduled to land at one AM) and then he has to go back to Germany. All of this by Thursday.

He's really ready to come home, I'm more than ready for him to come home. and there had better be some sewing time this weekend!


Gretchen the Household Deity said...

Sounds like he'll miss the train at Athens (it ends pretty early) but there is a bus that goes from the airport to city center. I took it from city center for my 4 am flight out of Athens a couple years ago.

laura said...

Hans just called me and he's in the process of boarding the plane for Athens (at least he supposed to be, it's been delayed by 15 minutes). He already arranged for a ride to pick him up when he gets there so he can get straight to his hotel so at least that won't be an issue. Although what the beer situation will be is still a mystery.

Angelia said...

just crazy! And thats all I can say about that!!! lol!