Tuesday, January 20, 2009


So here she is, The Mona Lisa.

Since we didn't get to The Louvre the last time we were here, I told Hans that it was the one place I really did want see while we had the chance. I also can't believe in all the years that Hans has traveled, The Louvre is one place he's never visited!

I got a kick out of this little budding artist. With a very important air, she stomped about, studying the paintings and then proceeded to scribble in her book. I peeked over her shoulder and believe me, 'scribble' is an accurate term.

Hans is intently studying 'David and Goliath'.

Here I am in one of the many wings of the Louvre. I believe I read somewhere that if you viewed each item in the museum for 10 seconds each, it would take four years to see everything. I'll let someone else try it.

The building is also a work of art. Here is a view of just one ceiling. And they're all like this in one way or another. Either beautiful sculptures or huge paintings.

This has nothing to do with art but I saw this purse in Duty Free and I loved it! I think it was something like 250 euros ($375.00 I think). So I took pictures and made notes and I'd like to try to make something similar.

This is a short video of the room where the Mona Lisa is on display and it gives you an idea of what we saw.
We are now done with Paris and landed in Italy late last night and I have to say that I hope to never use the Charles De Gaulle Airport again. In addition to being gloomy and difficult to maneuver around, there was almost no decent food to be had. I ended up eating a mystery sandwich on stale bread and washed it down with Scotch and orange juice!!! Yes Scotch and orange juice.

I don't recommend it.

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