Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cambridge England today, hopefully pics tomorrow

Well, we've arrived in Cambridge, England.

But not without a few hitches.

Of course.

Let's see: I quit my job on the 31st of December in order to move to the Big City so that after over 4 and a half years, Hans and I could see each other more than once a week or so. But, Hans was notified in the middle of December that he was going to be sent abroad once a month for about 2 weeks at a time for most of 2009!

I kid you not!

So Hans said fine, he would go but he wanted me to be able to with him at times.

And that's why I'm here and not at home getting my house ready for sale. Last week I did get 2 out of 3 rooms painted and I packed up stuff for my sister to store at her house. But I'm not sure I understand why she and her husband showed up at my home with an SUV when she knew that in addition to cartons of Christmas decorations, pictures off of my walls, and kid's memorabilia, there was a grandfather clock being moved also!


Did everything fit? Of course not. Not even with my slightly deaf dad and his crazy retired friend (who goes everywhere with him) (and I told my sister that our dad DID NOT need to help) driving into my very soft yard in an effort to help, and getting every one of my orders confused! Even after pointing a million times to the taped up boxes all in a row, everyone was picking up everything and I'm surprised I didn't end up getting shoved into the back of the vehicle myself!

With a decades worth of dust from my basement, and paint fumes in my lungs I ended up at an Urgent Care on the morning of departure! Thank God I was given cough syrup with codeine or I would have been more irritating than the toddler, who, right behind us, screamed nonstop or the overgrown 2o-something kid in front of us who flung himself against his seat with wild abandon for the entire 7 hour trans Atlantic crossing.

Our plane from the Big City to Newark was delayed and while we were lucky that we didn't miss our connecting flight, we were unlucky enough to arrive just minutes after every bar in the airport was closed! Ask my tired feet how I know this!

Another business associate and his wife are along for the trip, however they took a different flight and even though we should have hooked up at Heathrow in order to travel to Cambridge together it didn't happen that way. Luckily they found their way to the hotel and we met up at breakfast this morning.

Today, while the gentlemen work, we ladies are going to hopefully take a double-decker bus ride around Cambridge and I do hope to get some pictures.

Tomorrow we take an early train into London where we will get in a little bit of sight seeing before we fly off to Barcelona.

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous. :) I hope you have a lovely, lovely time. Take lots of pictures!