Friday, January 16, 2009


We were all invited to dinner last night and even though work was scheduled for 8:30 AM this morning our resevations were for 9:00 PM which while late by American standards is actually very early for Spaniards. They even appologized for the lateness of the dinner but said that nine is the absolute earliest you can eat!

We were the first to be seated and even as late as 10:30 people were still arriving to eat.

This is a view from the top of our restaurant.

Our restaurant from across the street. Absolutely beautiful.

One table situated on a landing. As a waitress I would hate having to take this table. I can just imagine taking a tumble down those stairs.

Here we are outside. That's a chain 'gate' behind us that draws across the opening like a curtain.

Food was brought out on platters throughout the evening. A lot of meats, sausages, lamb, wine, breads, and liquours. Dessert was puff pastry with a vanilla custard center. I ate both mine and Hans'!!

But what to do with that pesky dirty laundry? You can have the hotel clean it for a small fortune; about $10.00 for each shirt and $3.00 per pair of socks!

Sorry, no way!

So I spent my morning in Spain doing laundry in the bathtub!

Once a red neck always a red neck!!

We're hoping to go out with the men this evening and see some of the beautiful sights that Barcelona has to offer, like Gaudi's Cathedral. The word gaudy comes from this artist Gaudi and I can see why.

Tomorrow we head off to Paris and if I remember correctly, internet connections were not free and certainly not cheap so I'm not sure how much I'll get to post.


The Slapdash Sewist said...

Thank you for sharing your trip with us in real time! It sounds marvelous.

Katie Alender said...

Laura, long time no see! Sounds like you're keeping busy. How great that Hans insists on having you with him for all of these wonderful trips. Your photos are fabulous.

Happy new year!

laura said...

I left a comment earlier but I'm not sure where it is! However, I'm going to try to keep as current as possible and I have some more great pictures of Barcelona. What a city!