Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Welcome to my life (dysfunctional as it is).

I've discovered that Tuesday is the day that I accomplish the most in my new duty as an idiot attempting to sell her house.

Monday is the day I drive home from the Big City and by the time I get myself settled in it's like why would I really want to start anything big?

Tuesday rolls around and I know I have to get down to business.

Then on Wednesday, I'm all worn out from Tuesday.

Thursday is the day I drive back to the Big City and I have to load the SUV up with all the stuff that I'm moving into Hans' apartment (ie: sewing machines, out of season clothing, bins of fabrics that will never be made into anything, and books I can't live without yet will never read again).

Actually, I believe I read once that Tuesday is also the most productive day in the workplace too.

Why do I remember these things?

Anyway, today I finished my bathroom by putting some wallpaper border around the window. I thought it would dress things up a bit and distract future buyers from noticing the harvest gold kitchen appliances and the living room shag carpet.

Here's the finished product.

I had bought 4 rolls of this border at $10.00 a roll and it killed me to pay that much. I cut the border, lengthwise, down the middle for the window and by the time I was done with the bathroom I had literally used every square inch of 3 rolls. I took the 4th unused roll back to the store today for a refund.

I head back to the Big City tomorrow and as we all know, Valentine's Day is this weekend (you'd have to be deaf and blind to not know this). Anyway, Hans and I were just going to grill steaks and open a bottle of wine as I refuse to go out to a restaurant on this totally over-rated, let's make everyone feel like if you don't have someone in your life then you're a loser, holiday (Believe me, I've been a waitress for too many of these awful evenings and it rates right up there with Mother's Day), when we got invited to an interesting get together.

A couple we know are having some other couples over for dinner, and the men are going to cook. The host is going to provide the main course and the other men are to make something/anything to go along with the meal. Hans immediately offered to bring the bread as he plans on buying it from his favorite local baker.

I say that's cheating.

He says it's not.

And somehow I've been roped into making Sombrero spread (a cheese, salsa, and bean dip) to take along.

Have I ever mentioned before that Hans is the ultimate salesman?

Because he is!


Anonymous said...

Good job on getting that all done with the border paper. You're so right about Valentine's Day. The incessant subliminal messaging somehow works, though, because I was just thinking before I saw your post that there was no way in hell I was going to sit home alone on Valentine's day and feel sorry for myself. Cuz I am a loser, ya know! (kidding).

Angelia said...

Thats a great ideal for a get together... but Hans is cheating!

laura said...

You know what Claire? There were times when I was alone on Valentine's Day and it felt good, because I remembered that I wasn't stuck with someone who didn't want to be with me but still felt forced to buy me a card! Yes, that happened when I was married and it was awful.
Angelia, that Hans is a stinker!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I have planned a fun evening with my girlfriends. I refuse to let Single Person Oppression Day ruin my Saturday night!

laura said...

Trena, Saturday night you'll have more fun than a lot of couples, believe me. I think my favorite Holiday is Halloween! No pressure, no sappy jewelry commercials, and you can use that day as an excuse to wear your most outlandish outfit and everyone thinks it's a costume!