Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Still afloat

defrosting the fridge 
We're still sweating away here in Florida.  Not a lot of sewing gets done though as just plugging the iron in is too much for our air conditioner.

And then there are boat duties that take up time too. Our refrigerator broke but luckily a neighbor helped  us get it running again. Our head quit working and after spending days trying to clean out the exhaust hose we ended up replacing it.  I've been up the mast a couple of times to replace bulbs etc... and I'm going to have to go up again (even though I'm afraid of heights).

a very pampered pooch
Tropical Storm Debby
Wilbur goes to the doggy park during the week and you should hear him scream when we pull into the parking lot. I wish I'd had my camera with me last week when during a doggy birthday party he left his party hat on for at least a half hour and he ate his ice cream cup in a very gentlemanly way.

We were caught off guard by Tropical Storm Debby but we were very prepared for Hurricane Isaac who didn't even bother to show up.

Hans ended up tripping over a stern line when he tried to get on the boat and after landing smack on his butt he rolled all over the place in the water that had overflowed our dock. I tried not to laugh but c'mon!!!

Up the mast

Poor Wilbur got stuck modeling a baby hat I made.

Cyndi from Cut-Up and Sew made Hans and me a quilt for our wedding and it's absolutely beautiful. Her pictures are much better than mine and you can see it here too. Needless to say I'm not going to let Wilbur near it and I'm keeping it in our guest berth. I've never owned a 'real' quilt in my life and I love it.

check out the couple in the canoe

Like I said, Cyndi's pictures are better than mine but I don't want to take it outside because it could get dirty.
I know I should post more often but I just don't seem to have the incentive for it these days. However I still enjoy reading everyone else's blogs so keep posting!


Carolyn said...

Cyndi's quilt is beautiful! Sorry Wilbur was made a "model" and I am sure the hat will be just as cute on a baby! However, we dodged another hurricane.

laura said...

I just hope the baby's parents don't find out Wilbur test drove it, and YES!! We dodged another hurricane! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rest of the season.

Debbie Cook said...

We should have a sewing day/doggy day out. You come over and camp out in my sewing room where the iron doesn't short out the A/C and Wilbur can visit with Chili and Dani. Hans is on his own. lol

Shannon said...

Good to "hear" from you. Glad all is well. Wilbur in the baby hat is hilarious - he looks very dashing!

marysews said...

I'm glad to see you're still in blog-ville!

laura said...

Shannon, Wilbur amuses me on a daily basis, we just love him to pieces.

Mary, I'm still very much around and I could certainly post a lot more often but I've gotten horribly lazy!

Debbie, I'm honored to get this kind of invite from you! To me you are an absolute engineer/guru sewing genius. However, I have to warn you that Wilbur lacks a bit in the manners department. He thinks the world revolves around him.

Cyndi said...

Wilbur looks too cute in the baby hat...and I would have loved to have seen him in his party hat eating his ice cream! :o) So happy that you like the quilt, Laura. I loved making it for y'all! At some point, I'm gonna have to make a special one for your "little man", too! :o)

Talk with ya soon!



laura said...

Cyndi, don't you dare make that little stinker a quilt! Honest to God he's spoiled as it is. But we just love our quilt like you wouldn't believe and Hans still can't get over the workmanship and thought that went into it.

Katie Alender said...

Hey, Laura! Good to hear from you. My first thought on the Wilbur hat photo is that he looks like all the old men in my childhood neighborhood when they'd put their hats on to mow the lawn! So he's a true Floridian.

Gorgeous quilt!

laura said...

Katie, so good to hear from you too! Wilbur does look like a little old man in that picture. I better take the car keys away from him or we'll be reading about him mistaking the brake pedal for the gas.