Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A twist on Nicole's Day Bag

I'm calling it the Bill Board Bag.
Because I'm shamelessly using it for advertising.
Actually I doubt that it would result in any real sales for the company that it represents, but I thought that it would be a fun gift for a friend, whose husband has had huge success with his new business.
A friend of Hans' invented an all cloth C-Pap mask that's designed for people with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing in small bursts throughout the night. Heavy snoring is one of the many signs of sleep apnea, along with day time exhaustion etc.... (My ex-husband snored so loudly that the entire house shook but believe me, if anyone would have suggested a sleep study it wouldn't have been very well received!!).
Sleep apnea can cause severe health issues because during these small 'non breathing' bursts throughout the night, blood pressure greatly increases which can result in strokes, and heart attacks.
The answer to this problem (after an easy diagnosis by sleep study) is to use a C-Pap mask that's attached to a machine that 'forces' the nasal passages open and allows the patient to breathe all night long. However almost all masks are made of hard plastic or nasal tubes that can be very uncomfortable for the patient, and most women do not like waking up in the morning with 'dents' in their face and after a while both men and women quit using them.
Anyway this "all cloth mask" is taking off like you wouldn't believe and Hans' friend who has worked endless hours with the design, and patent, and distribution, and the unbelievable myriad of nonsense that it takes to get a business up and going, is finding his dream coming true. It still means that he and his wife (who also have three busy children) are putting in grueling 18 hour workdays!
I kid you not!
So I thought that the flap of the Day Bag would make a great surface for my idea and I like the way it turned out.
What a fun way to brag about a great accomplishment.
Don't you think?

Sally Stitch has been complaining these days about being ignored. Every now and then, in an effort to show her displeasure, she shoulder checks Hans when he goes into the kitchen.
She likes the Day Bag.

The inside zipper pocket.
The zipper gusset that really makes this bag.

I love purse feet!!!!!

A close up of the flap where I've incorporated all the important points of the C-Pap mask.

The Day Bag is a very roomy bag. I took mine with me to Europe a couple of years ago and it worked very well!

A close up of the strap.
That's all folks!!

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Karin said...

Nice! I quite like that gusset. I am going to have to try one of those. And purse feet too! I have yet to feel brave enough to do purse feet or even magnetic catches. Soon though!

My husband has sleep apnea. Doing the c-pap has been a life saver for him! He doesn't need to take a 3 hour nap in the middle of the day anymore. :-)