Thursday, May 28, 2009

A mixed bag of goods!

Hans and I are headed to the boat in Annapolis this weekend, along with three of Hans' hockey buddies who soooo want to sail.

And I told myself that I had no right, absolutely no right, to not have a proper shower bag!

We have two full heads on the boat but when we're at dock we figure that since we're paying a huge slip fee maybe we should use the club's shower facilities.

And you wouldn't believe how many times at this club, that I've jumped into a shower (usually the only one with no hot water and only a small spit of water!) and realized that I left some very important item on the boat (ie: shaving creme, razors, or God forbid: shampoo!) and swear that someday I'll make THE PERFECT BAG FOR THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!

Well, this isn't the perfect bag but it's a start.

As usual I will not make a first bag out of good fabric so I dug out a blue jean curtain panel that I found at the Good Will for $2.00 and even though it was huge I still had to find some co-ordinating fabric and wouldn't you know, it happened to be a cat print!

Can you see that Chlorox, my Knotty Cat, felt the need to be involved.

(Read: Very Needy)

The panel was something like 45 inches by about 70 inches.

But it wasn't enough.

I cut out most of the bag, which was Simplicity, but don't ask me which one (bourbon, you know!) and had to dig into my quilt fabric stash and found the cat stuff for the lining. Thank God I had enough.

Here are the entrails of the curtain.

I ended up using the 70" side seams for the handles on the bag. I agonized about going to our local JoAnn's for webbing, which would have meant about a two hour round trip during rush hour (it's only about 10 miles away too) and said the hell with it!!

It took more time to lay out this pattern than it did to sew it.

I kid you not!

This seemed like a good place to hang my bag. It's Hans' mother's clock.

See all the pockets? Can you see these being used for shampoo, soap, makeup (not that I need it!), curling irons etc...

Kitty Cat lining.

No snaps.

No Velcro.

Because I didn't want to!!!!

Sitting on my ironing board.

Just another view.

This will be made again, only the next time it will be to my specifications!!

But for now it will work.


I need to get a job.

A real job.

Sewing is really only fun when you have to fit it into your day.

Believe me on this.

And anyway there are these things called 'bills' that need to be paid.

No kidding.

Last month I contacted a GREEN house keeping company here in the Big City and expressed my interest in working for them.

Didn't hear from them.

Contacted a dog walking service a couple of days ago.

Didn't hear from them.

Well tonight I got an email asking if I still wanted a job.

But it was only after I set up an interview with them that I realized it was the house keeping people and not the dog walking people!

Aren't you glad I didn't answer the ad for the brain surgeon?


Kathi D said...

I like those handles better than webbing anyway. I use webbing more for convenience than looks.

I'm sure you would be a perfectly fine brain surgeon.

Mary Witzl said...

I envy you from the bottom of my heart, being able to sew bags like that. And I LOVE that cat lining material!

Do you know what would make a good idea for a book? A book about how to use leftovers, scraps, and recycled stuff of all kinds. How you can make useful things from curtains, tasty meals from scraps, decorative items from discarded jewelry, etc. Sure, it's been done, but it could always be done better. And it would be as timely as all get out...

laura said...

Kathi, you sound like my mom (she pretends that I'm smart).
Mary, first of all you could make this bag!!!!And I more than envy your ability to speak and understand multiple languages. Heck I'm still trying to master English! And thanks to the internet we can google just about anything and find DIY stuff and tutorials! You gotta love it.