Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A completed Amy Butler Bag

I've had this Amy Butler, Velma Bag pattern, for about two years and had yet to sew it.

Until today.

For some reason it seemed to be a bit daunting and I just wasn't sure what to expect.

My main sewing pleasure is bags, and believe me I've made quite a few of them in the past couple of years.

I've learned one heck of a lot in those two years too, let me tell you.

So I decided that it was time to drag this pattern out and give it a go. Unfortunately a lot of the reviews of this bag, on pattern review, no longer have pictures attached to them. I guess people dump there flikr accounts etc.. and the pictures are then lost forever. But at least the comments remain.

Here is Sally Stitch showing everyone the general proportions of the bag. And since we have no sun today my colors aren't very true.

This is the front view.

It's hanging off of Hans' mother's grandfather clock. There is no good place to hang a purse in this apartment!

Here it is on the ironing board. I used a magnetic snap closure (as opposed to Velcro. DO NOT USE VELCRO!) and then I added a covered button (with some ugly, hanging fabric fringe) on the front flap for decorative purposes.

The back view, hanging yet once again from the grandfather clock.

Instead of a fabric handle I decided to add a matching cord attached by tabs.

I also used fusible batting on the fashion fabric instead of canvas as I always use batting. I did interface the lining. This bag needs (screams for) stability!!!

An inside view of the very tiny pocket.

Can you see what I did to the sides? I pinched them in and then I hand tacked them into a permanent pleat.

Hang in there and I'll tell you why,

Okay, I'm sure I won't be popular after I rate this pattern because everyone is in love with Amy Butler.

I wasn't impressed with this purse but I was prepared ala pattern review.

If you use a Velcro closure, be prepared to lose everything in this bag if it pops' open. That's because the handle is anchored between the flap and the back of the bag and creates an unfriendly imbalance. Put it this way, if the bag opens unexpectedly it flops forward very heavily and very suddenly.

Like a hippo's mouth.


That's why I tacked the sides in place permanently. It becomes just a bit more secure. I also fused boning in the front and back panel, horizontilly side to side, about 1 inch down from the raw edge and 1 inch in from the side raw edge (leaving room for seam allowances and top stitching). This just makes it stiffer.

I have no idea what you're supposed to be able to store in the inside pocket. Maybe one credit card.

At most.

It's a cute enough looking bag but I won't make it again.

I like my fabric and almost wish that I hadn't wasted it on this purse and I will not make it for anyone else. It's simply not practical.

I'll be sure to add my opinion to pattern review.

Remember, I did make two of Amy's messenger bags (even though I'm working on my own back pack/computer bag pattern) so don't hate me for having problems with this pattern.

That's about it for now. We did get back safe and sound from our trip down to Annapolis to visit our sail boat. The only casualties, besides bruised shins and broken nails, were the Strip Steak that got dropped into the bay before it reached the grill and one of our window screens that fell out and immediately sank.

For that we consider ourselves to be very lucky.


Mary said...

It's so cute though. Bummer about the design problem.

I have the Weekender Bag pattern sitting around and I want to try it, but like you, I"m a bit daunted. Maybe if I bought some new exciting fabric it would inspire me.

My picture hosting site for pattern reviews has disappeared, gone under, so all of my older photos are gone. Such a shame.

Brooke said...

That dragon fabric is cursed! I made a bag from it that I LOVE, but that isn't practical for me for everyday use. Sigh.

laura said...

After reading about the Weekender on Pattern Review I won't even go there. It is a really smart looking bag but I think I can make something on my own that won't drive me insane.
I do like my dragon fabric but I'd rather have a bag I love (even if it's not practical) than a bag that just won't work for me.

Kathi D said...

Thanks for this review. I have had that pattern "forever" and somehow it has never quite moved to the top of my list. Now I will move it permanently to the bottom!

Che Birba said...

very original this bag!