Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fabric and odds and ends and thoughts...

Thoughts first, and then I'll move on.

#1: I swear if I see Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson jump on someone else's band wagon one more time, I'll scream! They are the biggest media whores I've ever witnessed and they turn my stomach. Joe Jackson doesn't do a lot for me either.
#2: I hope Michael Jackson's children (who look so adorable, and so normal) stand a decent chance of growing up outside of the crazy media frenzy that will follow them the rest of their lives. But I doubt it will happen.
# 3: I love Michael's music, I will always love his music, and I swear if they play his songs at my funeral I'll crawl out of my casket and dance.
Eccentric or not that man was a musical genius.
Ok, on to fabric.

As soon as I got the call from the cleaning company that they were hiring me, I jumped on line and started looking for the appropriately themed fabric (I love the internet!!!).
I wanted Wash Day (I think it's a Michael Miller print but I can't be sure) , and of course it's no longer available. It was on EBay however, but it was something like $22.00 a yard.
I don't think so!!!
But I found this instead and I like it a lot more and for two yards plus shipping it came to around $20.00.
I can handle that.

Isn't is too stinking cute?
Wash tubs, scrubbing boards, clothes pins, hangers, bubbles.... it goes on and on.

I plan on making a tote bag or back pack or both I'm just not sure, but I have it sitting out where I look at it daily and wait for inspiration to hit.

I wish inspiration would hurry up.

Hans gave me a stuffed lion for our first anniversary (he's a Leo) and our collection has grown over the years. We also have a teddy bear, a moose, and a beaver amongst our menagerie.

They're placed on our bed every morning with orders to guard the place but I don't think they look very threatening.
Actually I wanted to take a picture of the quilt that Hans' late step mother made many years ago. It was one of those printed cross stitch bedspreads, not counted cross stitch.
However there is a tremendous amount of work in this cover and after it was done, it was quilted by hand, not machine.
We found it in storage when Hans moved into the apartment and it covers our king size bed.
I believe in using things and I'm sure his step mother would be glad it's being used.

Hans mother passed away when he was 19 and and when his father remarried he became very close to his dad's new wife. He can't say enough nice things about either lady, and that's probably why Hans is such a nice person.

Here is Chlorox joining the party.

Isn't she one pretty kitty?


Kathi D said...

No kidding! I once had such respect for Jesse Jackson, now he inserts himself into every high-profile event. The other day, when I first saw him with the Jacksons, I said to my husband, "Oh, Jesse Jackson is in the Michael Jackson story now, how unusual," and Rick said, "How about Sharpton, is he there yet?" He was joking. Didn't take long till we saw the Rev. Sharpton standing next to Joe (who is quite a piece of work).

I don't know who should get the children, but I would hope for somebody better than the parents who abused Michael.

Mary Witzl said...

If I read or hear anything else about Michael Jackson, I may just lose it, but I love his music too and think he was one of the finest dancers I've ever seen. Just wish he hadn't ruined his cute little face -- how could he do that to his face?

Mary Witzl said...

Oh -- and your cats ARE beautiful! How wonderful that cats just accept their faces the way they are. But all cats tend to be beautiful, don't they?

laura said...

All kitties are pretty!!! Michael Jackson looked his best in the 80's and I wish someone would have convinced him of this.