Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hello from Dublin

Hans and I landed in Dublin, Ireland yesterday morning and I'm just now getting caught up on seeing what everyone in blogland is up to.

We spent the long 4th of July weekend on our boat, and Baby Girl and a couple of college friends were able to come along. We had great weather and got in quite a bit of sailing. We anchored in Annapolis and St. Michael's and lucked out and caught the fireworks at each place. We were able to sit on the front sun pad of the boat and enjoy the show.

The unlucky part was when, even though there was a ton of water space available, a double-decker party boat anchored right beside us. I'm talking like 20 plus people including a lot of little kids, and some really bad and loud 80's music. There was a lot of dumping of people overboard (which apparently when your drunk is really, really funny!) and then two men (obviously not rocket scientists) climbed on top of the small roof on the second story of the boat. Even though this roof was never intended to hold men (drunk or otherwise), some even stupider people remained standing under it. Then amid loud cheering and encouragement they both jumped into the bay and much to my disappointment immediately bobbed to the surface.

Since they anchored far too close to us (a mile away would have been too close for me!) we prayed that they would leave right after the fireworks.

They didn't.

But just as we were trying to go to sleep and were sure that we were stuck for the night with them they hauled up their anchor and away they went. I almost cheered as I watched their pulsing green and blue disco lights fade into the distance.

We're in a relatively new hotel and they're trying for some funky theme that involves stark clean lines and clunky accessories. The lobby has all white upholstered furniture and includes a huge king size bed with a doughnut shape cut out and a table in the center.

Totally non functioning.

They also used chandeliers for lighting but they aren't hanging. They're just lying on the floor here and there.

Here is the floor length mirror in our room. It leans against the wall.

The mini fridge has sensors and if a bottle or can is removed you have 10 seconds to replace it or you get charged. We replaced their items with our items (bought in an off license) and when we use ours we immediately put theirs back.

We'll see if it worked or not when we check out.

We were exhausted when we arrived (I really struggle with jet lag) and were told our room would be ready.

It wasn't. We walked into an obviously used and yet to be cleaned room so when we headed to breakfast we let them know and they immediately upgraded us from a Queen room to a King room.

Here's the bathroom and I love a big bathtub. It's a good thing there is a tub though because I didn't want to wash my hair before going back out and the shower only has a huge shower head that's about 9 feet above you and only sprays straight down. No adjustments and no hand held nozzle just straight down.

Here's the view from outside the bathroom looking in.

I prefer more privacy in a bathroom but once again it's their funky decor.

The bed. It has diffused lighting underneath and glows, if you want a nightlight I guess.

But I love the duvet's that I find in Europe. The cotton is always incredibly soft and smooth and I wish I could find something like it for home.

The little fellow below kept trying to eat this plastic bag. I felt sorry for him and threw him some crumbled cookie.

We walked around for far too long looking for an ATM that would work, stopped for a huge chocolate chip cookie at Starbucks because I was starved, and then finally started out for the tram line so we could get into town and eat.

After about a 2o minute walk (we were told it would take 7 and who really times this stuff?) that involved my stubbing my toe on a barricade, and bracing ourselves against the non stop Dublin wind we were just getting ready to go back to the hotel for better directions when we noticed a flood of people coming up some steps. Aha! It was the tram-line and I think they could do with some better signage!!

A view of a building from a walking park in St. Stephen's Green.

The gate from inside the park.

We also had dinner at a place that offered buy one get one free entrees.

It was very good, Hans had beef and potatoes, and I had beef and shrimp stir fry.

Getting back was a lot easier since we knew where we were going and even at almost 9:30 it was still very light out.

Hans, looking very debonair, at the park, with our hotel umbrella. We won't be going anywhere without it!!

Me, with jet lag (and a leather coat in July!).

I've already read one full book (Kate Wilhelm and I'm yet to be disappointed in her!) and I'm almost done with a Janet Evonovich book. It's Stephanie Plum in Fearless Fourteen. I quit reading her stuff somewhere around her eighth book because it started to get to be the same old same old, but I found this one lying around for free so I took it and I'm glad to say I am enjoying it. After that I have a Nevada Barr book and like Kate Wilhelm she's still good!

We're headed back out tonight and I think I'll see if I can find some fabric somewhere. I only want enough to make a purse so I can have my own souvenir of Ireland.


Lakaribane said...

I'm very amused they the hotel description...especially the mini-fridge!

Did you get charged or not? I wonder if you had a few empty bottles and wanted to drink their stuff it the sensor could tell if the new bottle was empty or not?

laura said...

Not only did they try to charge us, we found out that cans and bottles weigh different amounts and each 'spot' was programmed. Luckily they waived the charges after we explained what we did. Actually they made out in the end because we left 3 extra cans of my diet 7-UP mixer.