Monday, July 20, 2009

A huge Michael Vick debate and I'm pissed

This little fellow gives the most wonderful 'smooshy' kisses!!!!

Duncan the Dingbat.

I just love him to pieces.

Check out the tongue.

This dog would kiss you to death if you let him.

What a sweet face.

All of a sudden he's a big boy.

I realize this is way off of any post I've ever written but Hans and I had a 'discussion' tonight over Michael Vick.

Michael Vick the incredibly well payed professional football player is now free after having served his 'time' involving Dog Fighting.

Boo-Hoo, poor Baby.

This man is a sick bastard.


Electrocuting dogs who didn't perform well?

Slamming dogs into the ground until they're dead because they didn't perform well?

How about hanging dogs who didn't perform well?

Oh yes people, Michael Vick was involved in all of these sorry, sick episodes involving dogs who would rather lick your hand than fight.

It's not like he was desperate for money. When I couldn't make ends meet I got a waitressing job. Why I didn't think about murdering dogs is beyond me. So much more money.

Now he's claiming that he's been exposed to Dog Fights since he was 8 years old.

Big Effing deal.

I've been exposed to a hell of a lot of stuff in my life but I do have choices.

He did to.

Hans says someone will sign this sorry excuse for a human being to their football team because he's 'so good'.

I say you can't tell me there aren't 10 more guys out there who are just as good.

It will be a sorry day on this earth if some football team owner is greedy enough to sign this sonofabitch to his team.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm absolutely sick at the thought.

My daughter has a Pitt Bull (above pictures) and our Duncan would easily have been one of the 'poor performers' as this little fellow dons his pocket protector every morning before he begins his day which primarily involves playing with cats.

Check out the web site for the Pitt Bulls that were rescued from Vicks' concentration camp for dogs and tell me that it's OK for him to go about his merry little way.

As far as I'm concerned Michael Vick can go hang out with O.J.


Kathi D said...

100% agree. I don't need to watch the video, in fact I don't think I can.

Angelia said...

Indeed, Vick is sick! I'm hopeing the Titans don't sign him! If they do I don't think I can go to their games this year.
Your daughters PB is so beautiful!

Debbie said...

Can't follow the links. Can't read the story. We are dog people here and I can't read that "other" side of dog ownership.

No excuse for it - southern or not.

Beautiful baby in the photos!

laura said...

Debbie, I'm not sure why you couldn't access the links. I jumped onto my blog to make sure all was well and I was able to see them. Anyway, it's just an article about Vick (and they are all over the internet right now) and then there are the dogs who were rescued from his 'farm', the lucky ones who didn't have to be destroyed. They are now unbelievably spoiled!!

Wendy said...

High 5!!! I couldn't agree with you more and while we usually watch the Cowboys play ball if Vick is playing on the opposing team it will NOT my TV. Maybe the networks/NFL will listen when it hurts their bottom line.