Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer fun and our Anniversary

There was a Vintage Grand Prix race in the Big City this weekend.
Vintage cars take to the track for a number of races. Actually, these are city streets and not a race track at all. A friend of ours, who was there, said there are only 2 places in the U.S. that use actual streets for races and that this is one of them. I'm not sure whether I should believe him or not as this same friend once threw me into a swimming pool at a graduation party. A graduation party that was on par with some of the swankiest weddings I've ever been to and a home we've never been invited back to.
Go figure.

We rode our bikes all over the place and tons of vintage cars were parked on the golf course that bordered the race track.

I told Hans that the fact that people walked and biked all over the course just gave the bad golfers a reason to bitch for the rest of the summer. I can hear the grumbling now..."Damned Grand Prix! The course hasn't been the same since all those idiots stomped all over the place!"

A group of cars headed our way.

One car flipped over at a turn but luckily it was a hard top and the 79 year old driver was unhurt. A year or so ago a car hit a wall and the driver was killed.

Hans is checking out a Lamborghini with a license plate that read 1OF34 (1 of 34). I would have bought it for him but I didn't bring enough money with me.

Maybe next year.

I think I'd rather ride around in this.The Wienermobile by Oscar Mayer.

It's license plate said OUR DOG.

Here we are beside a 1969 Pontiac GTO Convertible with its original sticker price of $4,000.00 in the window.

Four thousand dollars back in 1969!!!!!

Okay People!!!
What's wrong with this picture???
Actually, maybe nothing.
Perhaps they're just telling us something about themselves?

Yesterday was our 5th Anniversary of unwedded bliss!

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Debbie said...

Happy Fifth! Bliss is all that matters!