Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Recycling....After (and purses of course!)

Since blogger loaded my pictures this way, we'll 'do' purses first.

Here are two of my Passport Purses. The one on the left is for my niece and the one on the right is for a friend who liked mine and wanted a black and white version.

I ended up keeping the Dragon print version for myself because the strap was too short for Baby Girl.

I knew that was going to happen!

But I'm glad because I really like it and I've been carrying it everywhere.

Each bag has its own matching change purse.

A view from the top.

Each has a zippered gusset closure at the top.

Here it is, open.

And closed.

There are pockets on the front and back of the bag and they are held closed with velcro.

The fabric that lines the pockets and creates a border at the top of the pockets is also used as lining for the inside of the bag.

Now the Recycled After T-Shirts.

As you know I recently took a job cleaning houses and I love it! It feels so good to just put my hair up, and go clean houses. Everything looks so nice when we leave. Floors are polished, bathrooms are clean, pet hair is gone, stoves and counter tops are de-greased, and everything smells good!

I'm not stuck behind a desk all day. I don't have to deal with office politics. I don't have to talk to customers all day and then listen to their financial woes! No more working evenings and weekends.

AND the pay is better.

But it's hot sweaty work and I needed some very light weight shirts. So I bought 8 X-Large Men's T-shirts and using Simplicity 4076 I made them into work shirts for myself.

I was able to cut out 5 shirts in all so that means the cost of each shirt is about $3.00

Not bad.

Here are three of them from the back.

I eliminated seam allowances on the armholes and neckline.

After sewing the shirt together I ran all the raw edges through my serger.

This was all about fast and easy!

Here they are from the front.

I have one cut out and ready to sew and I wore one (not shown here) today and it worked well.

This was on the front of one of the shirts and I have a feeling it was on the wrong rack at The Good Will and should have been in with the women's clothes.

I sincerely doubt that any man wore this.

This picture was on the back of the T-shirt so I just cut it out and sewed it onto the front at the bottom.

I couldn't let it go to waste!

This shirt just says it all!


Anonymous said...

Love your purses, but LOVE that peach colored top with the doxie on it. How cute is that? How clever are you for repurposing those things, and so thrifty! I hear you about no office politics. I'm so grateful to work from home - I get to miss out on all that.

Kathi D said...

Well, such great stuff (as usual)!

You know, I can totally understand cleaning instead of office-ing. I love a shiny countertop and a fresh, clean smell. Most office jobs I have had just don't come equipped with that kind of immediate reward. And the extra money isn't bad, either Plus, think how good the homeowner feels when he or she walks into that fresh, clean house after work. It's really creating satisfaction, isn't it?

laura said...

Thifty? Cheap? That's me all over! You should check out the site. Too cute.

It does feel good to know someone will arrive home and not have to worry about adding cleaning to an already busy day.
And I love to feel good!