Thursday, June 18, 2009

Another Simplicity shirt

This is the front wrap version of Simplicity 4076. When I wrote about the one I made with the twist front I said I would post pictures of this one.
Well, here it is.
This is a very stretchy jersey knit that I bought in Paris. I made a BWOF shirt from this same fabric last year and had a horrible time with it. The unbelievably simple answer was to use a stretch needle as opposed to a ball point needle.

Anyway, I like the top (I made a 10) except for the back neckline. It's way too baggy.
I think I'll make the neck band a little bit shorter on the next one and then use a size 8 on the back.

I pinned my hair up so you could see the back but it really doesn't look too bad here. But believe me it's very baggy.

Anyway, we found out we're going to Dublin, Ireland early next month, and I'd like to be able to wear some comfortable shirts that I've actually made on my own.
This trip came up suddenly so that means I need to get my new lap top back pack and matching passport bag made too.
I find that I work much better with a deadline.

On the job front, I started my cleaning job this week.
Wow, talk about working up a sweat! And boy did I ever sleep well after my first day.
I've already had the extreme of one house that was very sparsely furnished to a house that has more toys than I've ever seen in my life (and they were everywhere!!!) Since a lot of people work out of their homes these days there's been someone at each house we've cleaned and each owner has been very nice and pleasant.
If someone had told me a few years ago that I would have sought out this kind of job I would have said they were nuts but so far so good and I really think I'm going to like it!

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Sewfast said...

Glad you like your new job Laura...that is so important! As for that top pattern...I had the same experience with the back being way too big...what do they think we are...linebackers for the Jets??? I haven't made another one yet, but plan to take a couple inches off the center back. It is a super cute patterrn except for that! Have fun in Ireland! My daughter is moving to the UK in September and that is one of the places they definitely plan to visit!