Monday, June 15, 2009

Unveiling my Passport Purse

Well, that's what I'm calling it anyway.

Actually there's no real compartment or pocket in this purse that's designed specifically for a passport (although I will add an inner pocket in my next one for just this purpose).

This was my first attempt at this bag and I just got plain old lazy and tired of it by the end of the day, and decided that two pockets on the outside were enough for now.

I decided to use the dragon fabric remnants from this bag. It's all used up now but I kinda think I like this dragon thing!

Sally Stitch is wearing it across her chest like she might do if she were in a hurry and trying to catch her flight. (I let her have her dreams).

I made a 44 inch long fabric tube for the strap (1 inch folded in half, sewn with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, trimmed, and then turned right side out) and inserted a 1/2 inch cord with the help of a bodkin (isn't that a funny little name?) as I'm sick to death of safety pins coming undone halfway through the threading process and causing me all kinds of problems.

I hammered a grommet into the outside pocket panels (BEFORE sewing them to the outside of the actual bag). One grommet per pocket on opposing sides to balance the bag.

In order to keep things more secure I added a zippered gusset (I learned this technique from Nicole Mallalieu's purse patterns. She has the most professional patterns available, complete with very generous directions).

I lined my outside pockets and made the lining fabric longer so that when folded the lining would create a border at the top.

Here is a pocket that's been pulled open and if you look hard enough you can see the strip of black Velcro sewn in place. I did this on the other side too.

Looking straight down on the bag here is the zipper gusset and I added a tab on the zipper for easier opening.

See the grommet? There is another one on the opposite side too. I threaded the handle through the grommet before sewing it and the pocket to the bag body.

I made this for Baby Girl but I just bet she complains that the strap is too short for her. If so I'll have her pick out the fabric she wants and she can give this to a friend. (But I'm really liking it so if she doesn't want it I think it will stay with me!)

I need to make one for myself (with an inner pocket) but since I want to make a new lap top travel bag, I'll co-ordinate it with whatever fabric I pick out for that.

That's it folks! Happy Sewing.


Karin said...

Beautiful. I love it.

My next bag I'd like to try a zipper gusset. Which of Nikki's patterns teaches this? Would LOVE to do it.

Been in a blog fog lately, just not posting much!

laura said...

There is a zipper gusset in her Day Bag, (I've made tons of this one!)and I see on her blog that she's revising it. It's already a great bag with a lot of variations so I have no idea what's being changed.

I LOVE YOU said...


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