Sunday, June 21, 2009

Recycling... Before....

Today I went to the Good Will.

I haven't been there in ages so I left Hans at the apartment and took off.

I was disappointed to find that they no longer have any half off specials. Even the cashier said it was stupid and we both agreed that they'd move inventory through a lot faster if they offered some incentives. So it's no wonder that I spent over $45.00 but I got 8 men's T-shirts (for a project of mine, not for Hans), about 5 tops for me, a shirt for Baby Girl, and a $1.99 purse from which I intend to steal the hardware.

You can see my little helper, Chlorox decided to check things out for me. She went nuts when I threw these shirts on the floor and spent a lot of time happily sniffing everything. I'm half afraid to even think about what the attraction was!

Here are two more of the men's T-shirts.

I have a project in mind and will for the most part need two shirts for each one.

In some cases I'll only need one.

I didn't realize until I got home that these two actually match. See the next picture.

Is that not adorable??!

And the other peach t-shirt matches the little doggies skirt.

Back when I was two years old we acquired a dachshund and believe it or not I remember the trip, in my mother's friend's VW Beetle, to the house where we got out new pet. Yes, I was two but I do remember it.

His name was Pee-Wee, he was the runt of the litter, and for sixteen years he terrorized our neighborhood by biting everyone. He really did. Almost 50 years have gone by and just this week two of my friends were discussing him on Facebook.

And it wasn't pretty.

I was mortified!

So as I was saying, I had a plan for these shirts. I finished one tonight and I believe it will work. I will post pictures as soon as I finish all of them.

Tomorrow, Hans and I are going to a local tourist attraction that boasts being known as, The Best Architectural Design of the 20th century in the world! Even though Hans has lived here for over 30 years he's never been there. We're going to take our bikes with us and make a day of it.

You've seen my Recyclling ...Before pictures and I'll show you my Recycling....After pictures on Monday or Tuesday and I also have two passport purses I'm working on; one for my niece's high school graduation, and one for a friend who wants one.

Have a great weekend every one.

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