Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ta Da!!!

This is a 'picture heavy' post of my finished Amy Butler Messenger Bag. It went together very nicely and I'm happy with it.
The instructions are very detailed and it's a well thought out design.
The 1st picture is the front of the bag with the flap open. I've put 2 books in the front pockets so that you can see them better. For my next bag I will add Velcro to each pocket in case I'd like to close them.
I stuck a folder in the inside zippered flap pocket so that you can see it also.

This is the front of the closed bag. If the sides look 'wide' that's because I added side pockets for magazines or a water bottle. I also added a D-ring at the top right side in the handle seam. I added one to the inside also.

Here is a view of the bag with the supporting strap that I added to the back that holds it to the extending handles of my carry on bag. The strap is on the bottom part of the bag, the handles are draped across the top. Even though the bag is very light, my computer still weighs around 4-5 pounds and I don't want to carry it any longer than I have to.

This is the 'zippered hanging pocket' that's attached to the inside front of the bag. This is the only part of the pattern that I don't like. This free hanging pocket falls short of the bottom of the bag by about 2 inches. That's not an error on my part (I promise) and if you put a cell phone or anything else in it, it 'pulls' the whole hanging pocket down which also pulls the front of the actual bag down. If it were the same length as the bag this wouldn't happen. The next bag will have a longer 'hanging pocket'.

I added straps in the lining in in the 'back' of the bag in order to hold the computer in place so it doesn't bounce around. They have Velcro attached to make for easy adjustments.

Here is one of the sides. I added a pleated pocket to each side for magazines or water bottles.

This is the back of the bag where you can see yet one more zippered pocket. Hans and I like to do crosswords and I can store some in this. It would also hold folders or magazines.

Below the zipper (although it's difficult to see) is the strap that I added as a luggage support. At the time I just took a stab at it's placement, and the next time I will place it a little higher.

For fabric I used quilting cotton instead of home dec. I also used fusible batting and not canvas. My bag only weighs 1 pound 4 ounces and I can't imagine how heavy it would be with home dec and canvas!!

I fused the batting to underlying pieces and not the exterior pieces just in case the fabric rippled or bubbled with the fusible.

Normally I will not deviate from instructions but in this past year of sewing I've found that the pattern police will not swoop down on your house if you don't do exactly what they tell you to do!

The only thing left is a small bag to hold my quart sized baggie and passport. This bag will have a clip that goes onto the D-ring at the top of the bag. It can then be dropped into the bag itself.

That's it folks! I really recommend this pattern! Baby girl has already put in an order for one but I'm to try and make it back pack style as she has back problems.


Angelia said...

This bag is awesome! Great job!!!

Katie Alender said...

Wow, Laura! Very impressive!

Clare said...

I love your bag, what great fabric too.