Thursday, March 6, 2008

My so called life

I didn't get any sewing done last night as I finally got around to some serious house cleaning! I started in as soon as I got home from work and at 10:00 PM I finished up by mopping the kitchen and bathroom floors. I warned Baby Girl (the human hurricane) that the house was to remain clean for at least 10 minutes. She obliged by going straight to my bedroom and sleeping in MY bed all evening long.

Tonight I worked on a purse for my sister, yet once again. Unfortunately, I selfishly kept the first one that I made her (because I'm her sister and I can do that). I will finish this one tomorrow and I promise I will send it to her. I didn't take any pictures tonight, so I'll do that tomorrow.

Hans (the big stinker) is in Aspen skiing this week. For some reason he and his friends zipped right through airport security with nary a hitch. As any of you who've kept up with this blog (again, something like 3 people) know; every time Hans and I fly anywhere together, we get the royal treatment (if that's what you call strip searches and cattle prods!).

I'm anxious to see what evolves next month when we leave for Paris and Switzerland (family visit). When we went to Germany last year, we watched a woman in full berka gear (who'd fought with security about her over sized, carry on baggage and WON), breeze right on through the second security check point, while they yanked Hans and I aside, took our passports and boarding passes for what seemed like forever, until they were very grudgingly handed back to us!

For now I will leave you with this.

Tonight when I went for my run (wearing the new running shoes that Baby Girl gave me for my birthday!) I passed a house that, I kid you not! had a microwave oven laying in the front yard beside their driveway. I almost went back with my camera to take a picture but, since this is a pretty normal and well kept neighborhood (except for me and my house), I was afraid if someone saw me it would give them another reason to have a neighborhood meeting about the undesirables living amongst them!

Wait until next month. Myrtle may be getting herself a matching harvest gold refrigerator and stove!

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LauraLo said...

LOL you are funny. Can't wait to see the purse.