Saturday, March 1, 2008

So here is the Nicole Mallileu Day Bag. I was making it for my sister's birthday which was last Sunday but after I finished it I decided to keep it for myself (I'm a little selfish that way!). It matches one of my outfits perfectly! Actually, I'm going to make another one for her (like I mentioned before, she's never received a present on time from me) and incorporate a couple of changes.

I'll make a removeable bottom support. The pattern called for it to be sewn between the body of the bag and the lining. I like to be able to remove the support when the purse needs to be washed, and it holds the lining down nicely when you place it in last.

Next, I will line the inside pocket. As it is, it's a piece of fabric with the edges pressed inward and then sewn to the lining. When you peek into the pocket you can see the seam allowances and interfacing and I don't like that.

Other than that, I like it! It has a zipper across the top and it's installed using a gusset which gives it a more professional look.

You can see I've placed it on a hanger with the outfit that it matches so well. I'm wearing this tonight to a birthday party we've been invited to. I bought the pants at the Goodwill for 4.99 a few months ago and then on a return trip I found the top and was shocked to find they were a perfect match!

I should have just used the lining fabric on the inside pocket, I don't like the look of the fashion fabric in there, so that's another change I'll make on my sister's purse. The blurry bottom picture is the zipper with it's little tab on the end. Too cute.

I didn't let Sally Stitch model my purse or outfit because she's being punished. She doesn't know that I found out she was trying to join the appliance union at my house. (The Beast overheard her, and tattled, in hopes that I'll fill the food dish more frequently).

You may not realize it but appliances have their own unions and occasionally they vote to strike and/or breakdown at the most inopportune moments, which is why you should NEVER utter the words: tax refund in your home, or you'll find out why this very union makes the teamsters look like a bunch of sissies.

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Angelia said...

Your purse turned out SO good!! I wouldn't have give it up either..
I also have that same problem...
Looks great with your Goodwill outfit! I love thrift stores!!