Sunday, March 2, 2008

Laura, This is your life!

I haven't been able to blog much this week and I'm sure my reading public (all 3 of them) is feeling neglected.

For one thing, I'm still trying to finish up my taxes and I'm also having trouble accessing one of my parent loan accounts to not only make a payment, but to find the amount of interest I've paid so I can claim it. Upon logging in, one of their security questions confused me ,causing me to give a wrong answer, then web site decided that I don't exist, threw me out, and now I can't get back in.

That would be A-OK with me but I have a feeling that once the loan is late in being paid they'll decide I do exist after all and hunt me down like a dog.

I mentioned early on in my blogging that I'm a procrastinator and I'm trying to remedy that a bit, so I've been busy taking steps getting my personal life in order.

This week I went to my lawyer to have my will made. Not that I have a lot but I want to make sure that if something happened to me now, everything would be in order and all spelled out. (It's somewhat depressing to find at the end of the day that my life's savings are going to provide each of my children with enough money to buy a nice used car!)

I also want to have a living will made (although they're not called living wills anymore). This is to be used in the event that I've been declared brain dead (something I'm not far from on any given day as it is) and gives the medical world permission to 'pull the plug'.

That way my family isn't forced into make this agonizing decision.

Although in my case I have a feeling it would be a whole different scenario.

Fast forward into the future. My kids, after reminiscing about their childhood, and remembering the times I'd: spanked them in public (for disappearing into the clothing racks of Walmart and scaring me to death), forced them to eat my beef stew, not let them drive to Tijuana with their friends the day they got their drivers license, made them write thank you notes etc... they'd probably fight over who GOT to pull the plug and I'm rotten enough to deny any of them that pleasure!

I'm also putting into writing, and giving everyone in my family instructions, that I'm to be cremated and I don't want any memorial services.

First of all, as I don't have a lot of friends, no one but my family would come to see me , and in that case I don't feel like giving a funeral home my hard earned money. Second of all, I can guarantee you that my kids (no matter how old they are) will get into a fight. I can just see them having a tug of war over my ashes and spilling them all over the funeral home's carpet, and I have no desire to end up in some one's vacuum cleaner bag.

Although if that were to happen, I would hope that when I stroll through the Pearly Gates (yes I'm an optimist) St. Peter would say, "Wow, she can even make a vacuum cleaner bag look good!"

If you don't set your sights too high, you'll never be disappointed!

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