Monday, March 31, 2008

Just checking in

Just a quick update on my dress. It still needs to be hemmed and I'm not sure about the best way to accomplish that. I probably won't get around to hemming it until this weekend anyway as I still have 10 place mats to bind!! This was originally a BWOF halter top. I just lengthened the 'skirt' and I added 1/4 " grommets to the band and wove upholstery cord through them. I added a metal ring that I got from the purse section of JoAnnes to the top of each 'bra' piece and looped a heavier version of upholstery cord through them to hold the whole thing up! I didn't get a picture of the back yet but I will this weekend.
I have no idea why my muslin could be whacked out and sewn in one evening and the real thing seemed to take so long. I also had a weird thing going on with the side seam at the band, it just has a funny bump but I don't think it will be too noticeable.
In addition to lengthening the skirt, I omitted the back piece above the band. But: the bra has to attach to this back piece at the side and by getting rid of the back piece there is no place to attach the bra to. So I altered the bra piece by folding this part of the bra pattern under to get rid of this side extension, and now the bra attaches to the band only.
I've also included a picture of my slouch purse (that will hold the quart size baggie of with my shampoo, hair spray etc...) that attaches to my messenger bag for our upcoming trip. This way I know where it is while trying to get through airport security and then I can drop it inside the messenger bag when we're done. Of course it can be unclipped and used for a purse.
I realize this is a boring post but I promise to change that soon!


Angelia said...

Hey busy girl!!! Your dress is looking very good!! Don't blame you for being bored with the placemats though. Cute bag too!

btw: I read the post on my Bald Mans blog... Hans is a size 44?? Watch out cause I'm gonna have to come after those blues!!! lol!

laura said...

If I knew how to make knock off's of ready to wear can you imagine how many pairs of pants I could get from one pair of Hans'? I guess I better not let him out of my sight!