Sunday, March 2, 2008

You see, you see, it's all about me!

Today just happens to Dr. Seuss's birthday. But guess what? It's my birthday too! I remember when I was little how absolutely thrilled I was to share my birthday with my favorite author. Green Eggs and Ham was the first book I ever read. I still have it along with The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (my favorite) and a few others.

Hans is calling this my 'birthday weekend' and it started Friday night. My trip to the Big City normally takes an hour and a half, but thanks to the awful weather (our SEVERE STORM WATCH WEATHER TEAM!!!! who normally wet their panties over a single snowflake goofed up big time Friday, because their forecast all day long consisted of; snow flurries with a possible accumulation of 1 inch!) took me almost 3 hours! Thank God Hans had a new bottle of bourbon!

I arrived to find flowers waiting for me along with a card and a home made gift certificate to, get this! The Good Will and another very nice second hand clothing store! Now ladies don't start thinking that perhaps Hans is cheap or that I'm even more stupid than you originally thought, because I adore second hand stores!!! The outfit I have on in the above picture is a Good Will outfit. I think the whole thing cost all of 9.98 and I'm modeling it with my Nicole Mallileu Day Bag. What I like about these stores is; first of all I can get outrageously expensive clothes for next to nothing and they're already broken in. No surprises the first time something comes out of the wash because most of this stuff has already been through the dryer.

I have a full length, black leather coat that cost 45.00, a brown leather jacket was purchased for 10.00, and I wore a black Limited cocktail dress that was bought for $4.99 to a private club where the membership is more than I make in a year, and no one was the wiser!

Saturday night I wore the above outfit to a birthday party for someone else (Hans and I pretended it was mine) and we brought home some birthday cake that I haven't been able to stay out of!

So yesterday I got a pair of pants and a pretty eyelet top, and today I found a pair of jeans (after trying on about 30! And am I the only woman in the world with a shape completely alien to all designers?), a long sleeved white cotton top, and a red anorak type jacket with a hood that will be perfect for shoveling snow! And just so you know, Hans asked me many times if I didn't want to go to a regular store and buy something 'new', but I just couldn't bring myself to do that!

Tonight we're grilling steaks, and opening a nice bottle of wine, and my middle daughter, the vet tech, who lives here in the Big City (with 2 cats that she doesn't think any one knows about!) is going to join us.

But I did have to have a little fun. I asked Hans where my gift certificate for Saks Fifth Avenue was but when he turned white, clutched his heart, and his wallet, I quickly reassured him that I was joking.

No way, no way, please hear me say!
We'll save Saks for another day!

I don't want to finish up my birthday weekend in the emergency room.


LauraLo said...

Happy birthday, Laura, I wish you health, happiness, love, fortune... and as my sister says, that all your secret wishes come true!

Angelia said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!! You look great in your goodwill outfit.. Hans is smart, he bought you something YOU would like, not something HE would like you to have! Bald Men are good like that!