Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full Moon Friday and PMS, Oh My!!!

Is is just me or has anyone else noticed a little more lunacy than normal this week?

Can you say "Full Moon Friday?" Because that's what's coming!

The phone at work has been ringing off the hook with I swear every lunatic in our tri-state region. And why?? why??? do men (or women for that matter) make their spouses call in with service issues and then shout in the background the whole time. One time I actually told a husband to please put his wife on the phone as I couldn't stand to listen to her shriek in the background for another second. His answer was to whisper into the phone, "I can't." And while life can surely be lonely as a single person, that is when I thank God I'm not married to something like that.

Let's see. My daughter called me at work to tell me her brakes smelled like something was burning, and of course she was right! New brakes and a caliper were needed. I worked this in on Saturday before my eye appointment.

Just a couple of days before that I had my fuel oil tank topped off at the unlovely price of $614.00! That very same fuel tank was filled on Jan 3 for around $628.00!

I kid you not!

On Sunday I noticed that Chlorox, my timid little Calico had a lump under her chin and by Tuesday it had tripled in size and was literally seeping! The poor little thing had an abscessed tooth and went into the vet's on Tuesday evening for what I told her was a spa treatment.
Three hundred dollars later (and they were very nice, they didn't charge me for tooth extractions, as 3 of her teeth fell out during the procedure), I have a cat with a much skinnier neck!

During my wait at the vet's they had all kinds of emergencies going on. One cat came in and needed immediate euthanasia, another woman came out of the exam room, whispered something to her husband, and when she went to pay the bill he leaned over to me and said, "It's gonna be a sad night at our place tonight."

The Beast was positive that during Chlorox's absence she was going to be getting Chlorox's food portion.


I came home at lunch today and decided to work on the small slouch bag that is to be part of my travel gear. In one hour I managed to mistakenly slash through the lining and with seconds to go I opened up the outside zippered pocket (that I added as part of my own design) and watched the zipper tab fly thought the air. I had shortened the zipper and for the first time in my life I didn't zig-zag across the end to secure it and....guess what?

I just remembered that Hans' brother's birthday is the 31st, hence the visit to Switzerland in less than three weeks and I promised Hans that I'd make something for him! Not clothing, but something for his newly remodeled home and I hope to hell he doesn't read this drivel or I am so busted!

And...has anyone besides Myrtle been keeping an eye on the calender?

Oh, yes! PMS and a full moon!

Details at eleven.

What one does...

After yoga.


Katie Alender said...

Oh, poor Chlorox!

Angelia said...

What a rant Laura! And I don't blame you!!! One thing after another!!!
I hope your kitty is feeling better...