Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Start with The G-20, add some Hans and Laura, and look out!

They've taken over the Big City.

The G-20 has moved in and everything is grinding to a halt. Blackhawk helicopters are flying overhead, police cars are everywhere, and streets into the city were completely closed off at 11 PM. While I was at work today we were laughing because a lot of little boys (disguised as grown men) played with their toys all day long. Fire sirens, police sirens, and one electronic siren that warbled on for so long it made me feel like maybe aliens had landed.

The news just showed a poor downtown hotel worker (who was just one of many) who was stranded for hours because bus service was shut off at 6 PM. Everyone in town had been told that the buses would run until 11 PM.

I suppose the G-20 people will make their own beds, clean their own toilets, and cook their own meals. If I were an underpaid hotel worker I'd tell them where to stick it, because the only way to get into the Big City tomorrow will be to use bikes.

And that's what Hans and I will be doing.

Believe it or not there is still a professional baseball game still scheduled tomorrow and we will be there!!!

Why they didn't cancel, I can't imagine. Believe me, I'll be taking my camera.

It's not like they're doing well this year. They lost 12-2 tonight to a team that has just as bad a reputation as them! Is this what we really want to show the world?

But we can't resist! This really is a big event, and Laura and Hans (or Bonnie and Clyde) will be there. It doesn't matter that Hans' brother was at the Seattle debacle and literally feared for his life, Hans says we're going!

But I need to know; if I put a donate button on my sidebar, is there anyone out there who will consider helping us to post bail.

Because I think we'll need it!


Kathi D said...

I'll kick in bail money. But at least have a fabulous time so it will be worth the jail stay!

laura said...

Thanks Kathi!! Don't worry, Hans and I have a fabulous time where ever we go. And if we end up in jail, things will never be the same there ever again!