Friday, September 18, 2009

No rest for the weary

Yesterday we arrived home from our family reunion in Europe and today I had to drive back home to mow my grass which for some reason won't quit growing.

I will blame backward jet lag for some of my actions today which include; forgetting to take important things with me like soap, deodorant and my wallet.

Mowing my yard (with a push mower) takes about an hour and a half and a shower is required before launching myself into public life (unless I'm going to WalMart and then it wouldn't matter).

Unfortunately, I realized I didn't bring deodorant until I was done with my shower (where shampoo had to be substituted for the soap that was left in the apartment) but I didn't worry as I could always run to the Dollar Store before heading to The Inn to meet The Quilters.

Yes, The Inn!

Yes, The Quilters!

I haven't been back to the Inn since it closed last year and I was honored that The Quilters remembered me, and extended an invitation to visit with them.

That's why I needed deodorant.

It was when I was at the Dollar Store checkout counter that I realized I didn't have my wallet. After checking the car to make sure it hadn't fallen out of my purse, I called Hans. You see, Hans lost his job just days before we left on our trip and he was in the apartment supposedly making calls to prospective employers and the like, and not playing Internet poker all day long while I was gone! My heart stopped pounding when he verified that my wallet was indeed at the house and why didn't I just go to the bank and get some money.

I had a small meltdown when I reminded him that besides my driver's license, my wallet contained everything including my bank card. Hans being the nice guy that he is (meaning that he ignored my hysteria), very nicely reminded me that I come from a small town and surely someone at the bank would know who I was and let me make a withdrawal.

After listening to my plight all of the tellers vehemently denied ever having seen my face (are they fun or what?). They did let me make a withdrawal (I only took $20.00) and I laughed and told them that, being license less, I hoped I didn't get pulled over for speeding.

They said not to worry about it, at least I wouldn't stink.

Back to the store I went, bought my deodorant, and off to the Inn I sped.

Well, after I got my McDonald's ice cream cone.

Then off to The Inn I sped.

But not before I stopped at JoAnn's because Butterick patterns were on sale for 99 cents.

Then off the Inn I sped.

Except I had about 10 minutes to spare and since there's a really great consignment store just down the street from The Inn that I haven't visited in a zillion years, I had to stop.

I really had to.

I left 10 minutes later with a shower curtain for the bathroom and valances for the entire apartment.

I kid you not!

Later, I called Hans when I was on my way home to tell him I'd bought curtains for every window in the apartment, and I thought it would be fun to scare him to death since he's now jobless. I was very disappointed, and he obviously knows me too well because when I asked him how much he thought I'd spent he came back with, "Twenty dollars?"

"Hans! How the hell can an apartments worth of curtains cost twenty dollars?" He'd ruined my fun. "And anyway it came to eleven dollars."

Yes, eleven dollars!!!! I promise to post pictures tomorrow.

Anyway, The Quilting Ladies were on the porch where they were starting their traditional tea pot exchange. I didn't have my camera with me but believe me when I say I've never seen so many cute/pretty/original/fun tea pots in my life.

I also got to see their latest creations and they were breath taking as usual. One of their projects is; each lady leaves with an identical fat quarter and brings it back the following year, incorporated into an original design. From table toppers to mini quilts to bags, each creation is lovely. In addition to exchanging tea pots, these creations are also swapped.

It was nice to see a couple of the waitresses I used to work with, and hear the latest scandals, and The Mrs. (the owner) came out and said hi and even though I don't work there anymore I'm still afraid of her and always will be.

All in all it was a successful if not slightly crazy day.

I went for a run, mowed my lawn, visited some very nice ladies, bought deodorant, three patterns, valances and a shower curtain and had change left over from a twenty.

The only thing I regret is drinking so much coffee, because it's past one in the morning and I'm still wide awake!

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