Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Still sailing (or at least trying)

Believe it or not we've actually done a bit of sailing.

We've been to Oxford, Cambridge, and Herrington Harbor South (a very upscale marina and I could park the boat and live there forever!).

We've just left Solomons Islands after anchoring there for nearly a week. It's a nice place to visit (if you don't mind having to find a vet, and getting a visit from the police), and there are many stores, marina, shops, etc...

Yes folks our Wilbur the Wonder Pooch got sick and I'm very thankful that he didn't have mange (which is what one his horrible 'let's scrape Wilbur's lesions with a scalpel so we can see what he has tests' was leaning towards)!

He has a yeast infection and when Hans said he thought only women could get them I reminded him about the pink polka dot sissy vest he bought for Wilbur. The god in charge of yeast must have mistaken Wilbur for a female.

So far all is well and he is due for a $34.00/bottle shampoo on the deck this afternoon.

Our police visit took place after Hans went out in the dinghy to retrieve our grill cover that got blown off during a particularly nasty thunderstorm. A landowner thought Hans was dumping garbage when he saw him emptying the cover of a ton of water. We explained ourselves and were exonerated!

Through it all though is the unbelievable heat. Sweat just runs freely all day long and I've found that Wilbur loves to eat ice.

Cold compresses on a very itchy dog. This was the day before we got him to the vet.

Chlorox spread out in our cabin. She sleeps all day and prowls all night long.

Wilbur's itchies!!! This was after his visit to the vet and a bath on board the boat.

He has four different medications right now and loves getting them because I stick them in peanut butter!


Cyndi said...

...and still more fodder for the book I just know you are going to write one day! Poor little Wilbur...that must be so uncomfortable for him. Was it caused by him having to wear the life vest so much? And Chlorox looks like she hasn't a care in the world...what a pose!

Hope all else is going well, and Wilbur heals up quickly!



Ken n Cheryl said...

Glad to hear you've been doing some sailing. Hope Wilbur feels better soon! Keep your fingers crossed that we'll be sailing this weekend, too!

McVal said...

I've GOT to go thru some of your previous posts! What a great life...
I'm glad your dog is on the mend.
Discovered you on Slapdash sewist.

Two Pitties in the City said...

When we hadn't heard from you in awhile we knew you were off having sailing adventures. I love seeing how the animals are acclimating...even though Wilbur is a bit itchy.

TE said...

Sending Wilbur non-itchy vibes, and hoping that the mojo of the water is enough to calm everything. We can all take some cues from Chlorox. Actually, I was in a similar pose on our couch about 2 hours ago...


laura said...

TE, I hope it wasn't the itchies! A hangover would be more fun!