Monday, July 19, 2010

We managed to get to Washington DC just in time for a huge lightning storm that ripped through the channel where we were anchored (while Wilbur was crated on board with hatches wide open and we were on shore!), and then left in time to miss the earthquake.

The heat is still oppressive and I really feel at times like I might start having anxiety attacks if it doesn't let up. It's that bad.

We had guests over the weekend which included Hans' hockey buddy who brought along his son and his son's friend. I hope they had fun and can forget the excess and crazy attention that Wilbur heaped on them. I have got to get that dog to obedience school as soon as we get back to the Big City this fall.

Of course the water pump decided to throw it's belt the night before our guests were to arrive. Hans had to remove it from the engine/sauna room and bring it above for a look see. For some reason part of the cog that rotates with the belt had worked its way out of alignment. He loosened the set screw, pushed it back into place, put everything back together, and mounted it back into the engine/sauna room.

It didn't work!

Luckily for the water pump (who had no idea that a hammer wielded by a very hot, very big man was going to be the next 'fix') Hans figured out that all he had to do was flip the membrane (still sweaty work) and then whooooooopie! Not only does the water pump now work, it no longer leaks!!

Tomorrow we're heading back to Solomons Island where Wilbur will have a follow up visit to the vet for his yeast infection and our Snotty Cat is due for a very expensive oil change.

Temperatures are going to be in the upper 90's.
I can barely wait!!!

A view of DC from the Washington Channel.
Here I am at the Washington Monument. The Reflecting Pool (remember seeing it in the protest scene from Forest Gump?) is way behind me. This is one of my Simplicity sundresses and I was still boiling hot!


becki-c said...

Such a lovely view. I just love keeping up with you guys, in spirit at least! Keep posting updates!

laura said...

Becki, thanks! I'm trying but getting on the internet is a huge ordeal!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Water pump problems... sounds familiar! We're hoping to get our new pump on this weekend. Glad you got yours fixed quickly (and cheaply)! Isn't D.C. great? So much to see!

laura said...

Cheryl, the simple life isn't so simple after all is it??!!

Mary Witzl said...

How I wish I could send you some of Scotland's coolness and rain! We have more than our fair share of both right now.

We got back just this week and I found the package you sent me with the lovely cat fabric bottle bag inside. It is beautiful!! Thank you so much for it, and what a great thing to find waiting for me. We're going to take it out on a picnic tomorrow. I'm thinking one bottle of wine for my husband and a lemonade for the rest of us. THANK YOU!!

laura said...

Mary, I sent that sooo long ago! I didn't realize you didn't have it yet and I do hope you enjoy it.
I would love some of your cool rainy weather, today we hit 100 degrees with a heat index of 110. What fun.