Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're home!

Due to an increase in work load for Hans we had to cut our sailing trip short by one month.

Actually it wasn't that big of a deal as we feel we saw pretty much everything that needed to be seen in the Chesapeake and Potomac.

Originally we were going to head to Boston but when we ran into so many issues our first week out, we decided to play it safe and stay closer to home.

I guess it was for the better anyway since we had to come home sooner than expected.

This is the Capital Yacht Club in DC. For a $15.00 docking fee you get full use of their very nice club.

Wilbur gained fifteen pounds during our two months out.

Our Chlorox kitty did not survive the trip. We have no idea why, but she jumped ship one night while we were at a dock.

It turns out she was clinging to the swim ladder of another boat and was only found after she started screaming. Unfortunately she waited far too long to reveal herself. We know she didn't fall off our boat because her head was completely dry and we think she fell in the water when she tried to climb onto the other boat.

She actually seemed to be doing pretty well and was very relieved to see us. She immediately fell asleep in our bunk (after screaming at Wilbur) but then woke up in distress during the night. I was holding her when she died a couple of hours later and I feel like a murderess!

If I'd had any idea that she could be so bold I would have tried to make it more difficult for her to go above board during the night. But she loved nosing around and was very sure footed when she did venture out. One puff of wind or any slight rocking and she would hustle down below in an instant, and she never came out when we were underway.
She was such a sweet kitty and we miss her.

Our plans at this time are to head back out in November and get the boat to Florida. Back here for the holidays and then to the Bahamas in January.
Subject to change I'm sure!


Cyndi said...

Oh Laura, I'm sure that you are happy to be back on land for a while, but I am so, so sorry to hear that Chlorox passed away. I have to admit I am crying now and I feel so sad for you...I know you are going to miss her terribly.

Wilbur does look like he's grown quite a bit, and although you were thin before, both you and Hans look thinner than when you left! Maybe I should go with you on your next trip! LOL!!! But I'd probably be like Wilbur and gain weight!

Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. I will miss reading about her antics here on your blog!



Katie Alender said...

Oh, Laura, I'm so sorry about Chlorox! I hope Wilbur is offering you many snuggles of condolence.

laura said...

I'm going to have to do a memorial post for our Countess, she was a classy girl.

Cyndi, I can't believe you spotted that! I lost 7 pounds and Hans (who's had a 'waist of time' since long before I met him!) lost 15. We're not sure how it happened but I think we're well on our way to gaining it back.

Katie, Wilbur is a snuggler but he would have nothing to do with me yesterday after having his family jewels removed at the vet's!

Sewfast said...

So sorry to hear of Chlorox's heart goes out to you...glad you and Hans and Wilbur made it home safe.

Ken n Cheryl said...

So sorry to hear about Chlorox! I'm tearing up just thinking about it! At least she made it back to you before she passed.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am so sorry to hear about your kitty. :(

BeeBee said...

I'm soooo sorry about Clorox. I even miss her. Who else will pick my name for me? I will think of her every time I use my bag. And that's a lot.