Monday, October 25, 2010

Pillow sewing and Pit Bull Awareness

October 23rd was Pit Bull Awareness Day so we celebrated by going to the Dog Park. Wilbur is now a fixture there and everyone is always happy to see him. I like this park because several of the dogs that go there have bully blood in them (our shelters here are over run with them right now) and almost all are rescues. They are so social and will play for hours, and I have yet to witness any aggressive behaviour on the part of these dogs. Actually a Golden Retriever spent the day last week terrorizing everyone, and when it went after Wilbur, he hid under a picnic table.

Here is Wilbur and Toby. Toby spent the first 5 months of his life chained in a basement. He was rescued when his owner was arrested for gassing dogs in his garage! Nice guy, huh?
Toby loves to play and his sister Gracie (a brindle pitty who was rescued from a kill shelter in Ohio the day she was to be put down) is unbelievably sweet and spends her day fending off suitors (if you know what I mean).

I find it amazing that dogs who have gone through so much can be so loving.

Check out Toby being very patient with Hurley, the tea cup Chihuahua (all 4 pounds of it!). Wilbur, Toby, and Gracie were fascinated yet never even tried to wrestle with him. They all touched noses and were very careful around him.
Wilbur has a strong prey drive and this dog is the size of a large rat so I was very nervous. The owners later remarked that the only dogs who were nice to Hurley, were the pit bulls.

I only wish I'd had my camera ready when Wilbur let Hurley chase him all the way across the park. That would have made a great YouTube video!

I'm leaving today to join Hans in Annapolis so we can get a move on and sail our boat to Florida.
Poor Hans spent the weekend on it with no electricity (so no heat, not hot water etc...). And this is after we spent a ton of money having the electrical system upgraded! The electrician is coming back today to look things over and I hope for his sake the problem is resolved before I get there!

My baby will be boarded while we're gone and I wanted him to have soft pillows and a blanket for his bed. I used a very soft plush fabric and covered two pillows and zig zagged the edges of the left over piece for a blanket.

Apparently I need to be supervised when I sew.

Enjoying the end results.

And no pampered pitty should be without a fur stole.

I found this gorgeous fur at the Salvation Army for $20.00. Some poor old woman must have died and her family cleaned out her closets!

Hans nearly choked when I told him how much I paid for it. Years ago, his father bought a very similar one for his mother and spent well over a thousand dollars for it (and then he had to buy another one for Hans' grandmother because she was jealous!).


Ken n Cheryl said...

Pit Bulls can be so sweet! It's ashame they have such a bad rep. We used to have a pit bull, and we really miss him! He was one of the sweetest dogs we ever had. Looking forward to hearing about your southbound sail! Here's hoping it's a smooth one!

Two Pitties in the City said...

What a great way to spend pit bull awareness. It's nice that Wilbur does have some bully buddies, and a great get-away.

Katie Alender said...

He's so adorable! Hope you're well.

laura said...

Katie, everyone is well and getting ready to head for the Bahamas right after Christmas!