Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Sewing in my Future!

After leaving Wilbur at Doggy Day Care the other day I went shopping and ended up with two pieces of fabric (a big no no since I'm supposed to be thinning out what I already have!). But I couldn't resist a one yard piece of Sunbrella that was on clearance for $5.00!! It's normally $30.00 a yard. I had yet one more big bag kind of thing in my head but then I stumbled across this at Freebies for Crafters. It's an Amy Butler bag and even though I'm not a huge fan of some of her purse patterns (I realize everyone goes GaGa over her so you can just shoot me now!), for some reason I like the look of this one. I can also see a couple of potential problems with it ie, a flap that could be too stiff, and matching up the print where the flap meets the front, but I think I can work around my concerns.

The colors look pretty accurate in this picture. It's a kind of yellowish gold with orange accents.

A close up.

A silk charmeuse print, and I do love brown and gold. I want to make a nice dress that can go to the Bahamas with us. January through March is supposed to be nice and not nearly as hot as this summer was!

I interrupt this post for a special report!! A rampaging pit bull has taken over an apartment in the Big City....

After fooling a local couple into believing he was a sweetheart, Wilbur the Wonderdog, a vicious pit bull, has finally shown his true colors!

"I would never dream of killing a stuffy," Wilbur was often heard to say. "Stuffies are our friends."

"Just you wait! That dog will turn on you." Several friends of the couple had warned.

But they refused to listen and now it's too late.

The first victim of the vicious lying pit bull was a small defenseless peep.

After a frantic search by the concerned couple, it was found deep under their king size bed where the pit bull had built its lair.

Here, the peep describes to his cronies his escape from the jaws of death. "His mouth was thiiiiiiis wide!" He demonstrated.

The next victim was Crabby Cake. Crabby Cake had been a favorite of Wilbur's (or so everyone thought) ever since the couple took him to visit Tangier Island where Crab is King!

Here is Crabby Cake in happier times, yet we have to wonder--did he have a premonition?

And then Crabby Cake lost an appendage. It was quickly sutured back into place but that didn't make a bit of difference to the marauding pit bull. He simply ripped out the rest of the stuffing and Crabby Cake now swims with the fishies.

Lamby-kin was one of the first stuffies Wilbur ever had. He loved his Lamby-kin. And then that love turned deadly.

After surgery, everyone hoped Lamby-kin would survive.
However, it just wasn't to be.

Wilbur claims the sutures must have been of the disolving kind, but witnesses swear they saw him nip at them with his tiny yet deadly front teeth.

"I was only loving my Lamby-kin!" Wilbur cried. "Our love will never die!"
It will now be up to a jury to decide.

But how could anyone miss the menace in Wilbur's crazed filled eyes?

As everyone knows, Wilbur has received a full scholarship to Harvard and apparently he decided to get a head start in 'frog disecting'.

That little guy in front (who was holding a water safety seminar that day) is now missing his eyes, and our censors won't allow an 'after' picture.

A pin cushion is also missing so maybe Wilbur decided to make amends and put those eyes back by himself.

Somehow we doubt it!


Two Pitties in the City said...

Somehow I missed this one...too funny. And it looks like he is livening things up.

laura said...

I'm not sure what he's been learning at Doggy Day Care because he never used to destroy his stuffies!!

Ken n Cheryl said...

Our friend's little chihuahua loves his stuffed fishies, but of course the first thing he does when he gets a new toy is remove all the stuffing. For months now he basically plays with a piece of fabric, but don't try to take it away! BTW, I LOVE the purse and I'm not a purse person. The fabrics for the purse and the dress are great. Can't wait to see the finished product!