Monday, September 27, 2010

A sewing project for a boat... finally finished!

A while back I posted about a crib I was making for a couple who live on a boat. Unfortunately everything got put on hold while I waited for an online company to deliver the grommets that had been ordered.

They finally arrived and it took an entire day to install them!

Here is the side with the mesh screen. It has a roll up flap that's held in place with 5 straps that button at the top.

This is where a long edge meets the foot of the crib.
The two long edges will each have parachute line running through the length of them at the top (they have 1" casings) and then be secured to the wall of the bunk at each end.
The foot of the crib has grommets in the top that will also be secured to the boat (there is a overhang that comes down and allows this to be done). The boat itself will serve as a headboard so I didn't have to make one.
The bottom edges have grommets all the way around and they will be secured to the bunk with the mattress placed on top.
I hope this makes sense.

The grommets on the bottom edges.

This is the result of a day at Doggy Day Care! Not only is he like this in the evening, it carries through to the next day.
And that allowed me to spend the whole day cutting holes and pounding grommets without any pitty help!


Cyndi said...

Laura, the crib turned out awesome! You are so clever, girlfriend. I know the Bumfuzzles are going to be thrilled with it!

And I adore that photo of Wilbur...what a hambone! :o) I think that I am going to have to enroll Noah in Doggy Day Care...he is driving me nuts and I could so enjoy a full day of him in a doggy play coma!



Two Pitties in the City said...

I wonder if you could use that idea to make a "boat crate" for him. But, if he continues to be that tired, it wouldn't matter anyway.

Sewfast said...

Great job Laura! Wow! They must really play them hard at doggy daycare! Wonder if they wear out my pom??? :)

laura said...

Cyndi, it's so nice to have a worn out doggy at the end of the day and also to know that he had a blast! I'm sure Noah would love it!

Mary, they have the dogs separated by size and believe me your pom would get a workout!

Two Pitties, We take Wilbur's crate with us and keep it in the guest bunk (although I'm afraid it will probably start to rust). I would make a cloth one in a heart beat but I have a feeling it wouldn't withstand the strength of a pitty who doesn't appreciate being left behind!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That is very elaborate! You are a good friend to make this crib for them.

laura said...

Actually, I've never met the Bumfuzzles but they needed a crib and I needed a challenge, so a deal was born! I'm happy to say I've met a lot of wonderful people in the sewing community and now the same can be said for the sailing community.