Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Sewing Machine is on Strike!

I have a strong feeling there's an electronic conspiracy afoot in my life because yesterday a bunch of lights on the dashboard of our SUV decided to light up like a Christmas tree, my sewing machine quit working--just like that--, and Hans (who left for Lisbon on Sunday) spent a good deal of time emailing me to please call our cell phone provider and politely ask them to activate his international account.

Wouldn't you know it would be the day I just didn't bother to get on line until afternoon and upon reading his desperate pleas for help, tried to solve his issue as quickly as possible.

Please deliver me from voice menus!

Usually if you hang on long enough you'll get the option to talk to a real live person. Well, not with our company. Oh no! First you have to punch in your passcode (followed by the pound key).

Well I don't know our passcode and I'd like to know how the hell many people do! After hanging up and redialing way too many times I jumped online to see if I could get more information.

'Don't remember your passcode?' their site asked.

No! I don't! And I nearly wept with joy because I actually thought they were going to help me.

Then simply enter your email address along with your SUPER SECRET PASSCODE and then we'll send you your regular passcode.

Since I have a very short fuse when it comes to things like this, I swore. A lot. I realize this is my blog but I just won't repeat what I said. I'll let you fill in the blanks.

I got back on my phone once again and managed to get to a point where the computer couldn't (or wouldn't) recognize my nasty comments. "I'm sorry," said the sappy upbeat electronic voice, "I don't understand what you said."

Like I was really surprised! I doubt they are programmed to understand 'Sonofab****en A**holes, or else we'd all get through in a heart beat.

But somehow I did get a live body on the line and finally had Hans set up for international calls.

So tonight when Hans called me via skype I wasn't really surprised to find that it's not working very well and at one point his voice was completely scrambled and came across the ocean like an insane pinball game.

Apparently these electronic thingies belong to a very strong union but I swear as God is my witness, I'll break it (and never go hungry again! Sorry but Gone With the Wind just came on and I got carried away)!

I'm ever so thankful that the ladies I work for have a sewing machine and they let me borrow it.

It's a Brother and I spent a bit of time going over it and making some practice stitches and for a beginner's machine it's pretty nice!

Actually, the directions are quite detailed, right down to how to use a twin needle etc...

But I'm really thrilled that it has a buttonhole stitch and foot!!

This is Wilbur tonight after surviving his first full day at Doggy Day Care.

It looks like his back nails have been clipped but they are just worn down from running all day.

When I went to pick him up, the owner said he'd made a friend and thought I like to meet her. Out bounced another red pitty the same color (except for a white star on her forehead) and she and Wilbur both gyrated around like crazy until I paid the bill and left.

He's been out like a light ever since!


Two Pitties in the City said...

Isn't doggy daycare great! I love that he has a doppleganger play twin.

laura said...

I worried about him all day and was thrilled to find out all had gone well. But it really was too cute to see how happy those two were together.

Cyndi said...

Oh, so sorry about all of your electronic nightmares, Laura. Electronics are the bane of my existence! I just hate them most of the time! And I've probably used several of the same words you did while talking to the inane electronic voice on the other end of the line at the cable company!

Ah ha...momma's boy or not, I knew he'd pick up a girl at doggie daycare! He's just too handsome not to. But I know you'll always be first place in his heart! :o)



laura said...

Cyndi, I have to say I'm really surprised at how well this inexpensive Brother machine has sewn through several thicknesses of canvas (but then it's not electronic and belongs to a whole different union!). My daughter the vet tech got a huge kick out of hearing about Wilbur's day. I swear both of us had tears in our eyes ;-)

Mary Witzl said...

I think there's something going on with the machines lately: our fridge, washing machine, car, a computer, and vacuum cleaner have all been out on strike during the past two weeks. If that isn't a conspiracy, I wonder what is...

And now I'm wondering just what your dog got up to in day care...

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I find if you just say "operator" over and over to the voice recognition software after four or five times it gives you to a person. Usually.

laura said...

Mary, I have to believe aliens are responsible! And just yesterday while I was at work, both of our vacuum cleaners gave us problems!
As for Wilbur, I have a feeling he had a case of the wild zoomies!

Trena, I will remember that!! Thanks.