Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Adjusting to a new life

We've now been living here in Florida on our boat for about two months and thank God the heat seems to finally be letting up. Since I have such a hard time maneuvering throughout the day when it's so stinking hot I feel like I've turned into a lazy slug. Today I took advantage of the cooler weather and headed to the beach for a walk. It was very blustery and I was quite happy to view the crashing seas and black boiling skies from land and not from our boat. I was having a great time and then when I was about 20 minutes away from the parking lot the skies opened up and wham! rain came down sideways and hit my face with such force I had to use my flip flops as a shield in order to cover my eyes while I leaned into the wind and struggled to move forward.

Now, I've never had derma-brasion but after enduring needle like spray in my face for over 20 minutes I think I know exactly how it must feel. Imagine how youthful I would look if I walked on the beach during every storm!? Or if I waited for a hurricane, I would probably only need one walk and could then be done with it!

I found a very nice fabric store close by and bought a piece of laminated fabric so I could make a new shower bag (I forgot to take pictures so I'll update you later). As you can see, Wilbur likes to stay close by.

Wouldn't you know the year I decide to carve pumpkins again there's a pumpkin shortage so of course they're a bit pricey. Actually I got mine for $5.99 each and I didn't think that was too bad. I also lucked out and found a pink flamingo and it will now be part of all my holiday decorating. Since we never know when we might want to head out for a sail I need to keep things at a minimum on the boat and therefore our dock box will now be our designated decorating stage.

Ms. Flamingo loves her Halloween outfit and she can't wait to see what's in store for Thanksgiving.


Debbie Cook said...

I was just thinking about you today. That flamingo cracks me up.

Oh, and while the temps have dropped, they WILL be going back up again so don't get too comfy yet. ;-) December is so odd to me still, with holiday decorations and heatstroke.

Carolyn said...

Yeah! I see you found the pink flamingo. She just fits right in.

laura said...

Debbie, don't burst my bubble!! I like living in a fantasy world where the temperatures are livable and pink flamingos have a nicer wardrobe than me.

Carolyn, I went back to Beals and found her crammed into a bottom shelf in the discount section. She certainly does fit right in!

Katie Alender said...

Lovely flamingo! Will she be a turkey for Thanksgiving?

I grew up in Florida and was a freshman in college when a hurricane was on its way in. My friend wanted to come stay in my (modern and safe) dorm, so I met her halfway across campus and we rushed back to my building. 50 feet away from the door, the skies opened up on us.

We made a dash for inside and found that our fronts were completely drenched and our backs were totally dry.

Happy Halloween!

marysews said...

So you found Jay's Fabrics in South Pasadena?

laura said...

Katie, I never even thought about a turkey and that would be too cute. I was thinking about a pilgrim. We'll see!

Mary, yes I did find Jay's and they have really nice stuff. I'm trying very hard to not go there too much because needless to say we don't have a lot of room.

Carolyn said...

I need to make another trip to Jay's. Was at Joanne's, close to Jay's, yesterday & was very disappointed. I may need to go to Hancock's in Tampa. Although the Joanne's in Citrus Park has a much better selection of fabric.

laura said...

Carolyn, I'm still trying to find my way around here and since I've never in my life been to a Hancock's I'm going to have to find one.