Thursday, December 1, 2011

Some stinking cute baby sewing.

I mentioned in a previous post that Hans' cousin is going to have a baby this January, and let's face it, now that I live in Florida, I'm having a very difficult time wrapping my brain around the fact that it's already December. I truly need to get my head on straight and finish up this baby project and get some Christmas shopping done.

So check out this adorable onesie I made out of one of Hans' old dress shirts by using this tutorial.

I also made my own bias tape.

And you wouldn't believe how much bias tape you can get out of a very small amount of fabric by using this method.

Since the future daddy designs ships, I purchased some sail boat fabric for the collar, cuffs, and bias tape, which was a perfect match, and I also thought it was just too cute.

And those are adorable matching shoes on the right. They were too easy to make and don't be surprised if I find a way to enlarge the pattern and make a pair for myself!

A view of the back.

Look at that little pleat!

And again, the shoes!

I rinsed it out and hung it out to dry on my red neck clothes line (which is really Wilbur's retractable leash).

Here's a close up of the cuff I added that wasn't on the tutorial, but you can see the sleeve placket that was kept from the original shirt.

I added an extra button hole and button at the bottom of the shirt front. I then made a tab with a button hole and stitched it to the back of the onesie. This tab then attaches to that button and secures the onesie to the baby.

And once again the little shoes. This was the first pair of these I've ever made and I'm pretty sure I cut the elastic just a bit too small on the right one which is making it pucker. The next pair will surely be better.

Waste not want not.

Very coincidentally I happened to see a Sewing with Nancy episode on the very day I was making this outfit. And on that particular show they were re-purposing a man's shirt into various useful items.

The very last thing they did was to cut off the collar and make it into an adorable dog collar.

Believe me when I say I wasted no time at all hacking off the collar of Hans' shirt, and no dog could possibly look as cute in a dress shirt collar than our Wilburbutt!

I only hope Hans doesn't ask me next week why he doesn't seem to have any more good dress shirts!



Sewfast said...

Super cute baby ensemble and Wilbur accessory! :)

Ken n Cheryl said...

How cute and original ... love it! Love Wilbur's collar too. You need to make him a red one with a black bow tie for Christmas! I bet you could sell both the baby and dog items!

laura said...

Thank you! And a holiday ensemble really would be cute wouldn't it?

marysews said...

How awesomely cute!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

What a great gift! Love all the little details, and the dog collar is adorable.