Monday, November 14, 2011

A very fashionable diaper bag is finished.

At least I hope it's fashionable but since it's been 20 plus years since I've carried one of these buggers I could be way off base.

Anyway, I posted a few days ago that Hans' cousin is expecting her first baby and I wanted to make a diaper bag for her. After spending too many hours scouring the internet in an effort to find the ultimate diaper bag to mimic, I finally settled on my own idea. I started with Nicolle Mallalieu's Beach Bag Pattern and just went from there.

This is the front of the bag in its fully expanded mode.

The flowered overlay is a roomy outside pocket.

In its expanded mode this bag is very roomy and can hold a lot of baby stuff.

This is the front of the bag with the sides cinched in. It's still pretty roomy but perhaps a bit more stylish.

The back of the cinched in bag with a secure zippered pocket.

And now the back in its fully expanded mode.

So how does one cinch in the sides of this bag?

Sorry, but this is one very crappy picture.

In short, it consists of two 3 inch tabs stitched to the inside of the side seams of the bag. Velcro is then attached to the top of one tab and the bottom of the other.

They connect midstream and pull the sides of the bag inward!

The inside of the bag.

At the top is the facing with a magnetic snap in the middle of it.

The flowered fabric is the lining.

The striped fabric is a patch pocket with a Velcro closure.

This is mirrored on the other side of the interior.

And now the outside zippered pocket. I've installed tons of these over the years but for some reason this one gave me fits.

It was the batting I used for structure on the main bag that caused an issue. It was just a bit too thick and made for sloppy corners.

If I were to do this again, I'd trim the batting away from the zipper area long before hitting it with my hissing steam iron.

The bottom is a chocolate vinyl and is what had me concerned the most, and I was prepared to forgo this step if I didn't feel it was going to work. I ended up being very happy with the results and as far as I'm concerned this bag is finished!

I sincerely hope that Susie likes it!

And on a sad note, Nicolle has made the decision to end her online store by the end of 2011. This just makes me sick as she is the absolute guru of purse patterns and if it weren't for her I would have quit making purses a long time ago. I can see that I'm going to have to treat myself to a few last minute Christmas gifts and pick up a few things that I may never be able to find again!


Cyndi said...

Hey Laura! Wow, I think that diaper bag turned out beautifully....I love those fabrics you used! The bag style is really awesome and I'm sure that Hans' cousin is going to love it. If she doesn't I'll take it! :o) Great thing is, after she no longer needs it for a diaper bag, it will be a wonderful purse!

I didn't know that Nicole M. was closing her on-line shop. Guess I'm gonna have to get over there and purchase a few patterns I've been oogling for a while.

Got your e-mail...I'll write soon!



Carolyn said...

Laura - Love the completed bag and the fabric combo worked out well too. I am sure Susie will love it!

laura said...

Cyndi, I keep telling myself I don't need anymore patterns but there were a couple of Nicole's that I thought I might like to buy someday, I just may be doing it sooner. She also had some very nice hardware that you can't seem to find in stores.

Carolyn, thanks, even if she doesn't like it she could always give it to the new grandma for when she babysits!

Karin said...

I love it! I think it looks great! So sorry to hear about Nichole's store closing. I'm way out of the loop these days. It is sad.

laura said...

Hey Karin! Good to hear from you. Nicole is only closing her online store. She will continue to stock stores and since you're in Australia I bet there's one near you that carries her stuff.