Monday, November 7, 2011

A fashionable diaper bag

We recently found out that Hans' cousin is expecting her first baby in January. This is pretty exciting since Hans is the oldest first cousin, and Susie is the youngest. I told Hans I want to make something and I decided on a diaper bag. I'm going to use Nicole Mallalieu's beach bag and then build on it from there.
The tough part was picking out the fabric. I originally found some really sweet co-ordinating fabric that consisted of #1: a minty solid, #2: a chocolaty background with cute faux feather stitched hearts, and #3: a bamboo kind of striped print with mint, chocolate, and butter yellow stripes. But I didn't want to buy it on impulse and held off.
I then asked some ladies at Wilbur's dog park what they thought. One of the women is a pediatric nurse and she said that from what she's seen lately, diaper bags no longer look like the diaper bags we used to carry and are more designer like.
I looked on line and found a ton of ready made designer diaper bags (all at the tune of around $170) and decided that I would keep the beach bag pattern but would need to come up with a new fabric combo.

Today I woke up and said to myself, 'This is it, go buy the damn fabric and be done with it', and since I try not to argue with myself too often, I did.

So this is what I came up with.
The small print at the right will make up the body of the bag.
The large flower print will be the outside pockets.
And the striped fabric will be handles and maybe a couple of inside pockets. It just depends on how far I can stretch it.

Here's another view.

Tomorrow I hope to at least start cutting it out.


Carolyn said...

I am loving the choice of fabrics and the colors. Did you get these at Jay's?

laura said...

Carolyn, thank you, and yes I did! I do love that store, I just wish they had more prints along these lines (although they certainly weren't cheap), and JoAnn's had absolute crap.

Carolyn said...

Laura - I agree, Jay's isn't cheap and Joann's is crap. I need to see what fabric shops our around Sarasota. We may be heading there on Saturday.

laura said...

Carolyn, if you find any let me know!