Friday, November 11, 2011

Quickie wallet update

Here is a small update to the wallet that I posted about yesterday. You can see where paper money can be kept behind the change pocket.
Here you can see a couple of quarters sticking up out of the change pocket, and below that are two credit card slots. You can always stick an extra card or two in there if you want.

And now the outside with a proper button.

Last but not least is Wilbur.

As soon as I got up, he stole my warm spot.

Tonight we're actually supposed to experience temperatures in the upper 40's believe it or not.

Well excuse me! I thought I was living in sunny Florida! Hans has some explaining to do.


marysews said...

I like your wallet and I see you got your Florida driver's license. Can't say much about the rest ...

laura said...

Mary, I did indeed break down and get that pesky license. I guess this means I'm here for awhile!