Thursday, November 10, 2011

A small stab at sewing

I managed (despite very limited space aboard our boat) to cut out my diaper bag. But sewing it is a whole different matter since I have to put absolutely everything away in order to do little things like cook dinner, and fishing it all out again is just not fun.

So I decided to use some left over scraps to make a small matching wallet.

Please ignore the huge button. It's a total fake and used only as a guide, and anyway I ended up buying a much more suitable one after I took these pictures. I'll update tomorrow.

The front (remember, please ignore the button).

I'm not a huge fan of Velcro, but when you're in line at the store and in a hurry, it works better than trying to line up snaps.

The top part of the wallet is where you keep your change (Velcro once again! but I promise it's secure), and that very same change pocket has space behind it to hold bills.

I guess I'll have to add a demo to tomorrows update.

The lower part is for credit cards.

I guess there'll be yet another update.

Apparently I'm not very prepared.

The unfolded outside (ignore that damn button!).

And the back.

This is really a quick little wallet that took way too long to make as I only had one small remaining scrap of fabric left over and I didn't want to make a stupid mistake and have to buy more.

I apologize for no parting pic of Wilbur (but no worries there, I have plenty to choose from and will include that tomorrow also)!


Carolyn said...

Love it!

laura said...

Carolyn, thanks! I can see me making a lot of these!