Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From Hot Florida to Chilly Maine in One Day


And no, we didn't sail our boat here. The other day I told someone we were heading to Maine but we'd be back next week and they actually thought we were taking the boat. Believe me, if I told someone we'd be sailing to Maine I'd be telling them we'll be back next year. That would be no small trip.

But now that I've been here a couple of days I'd sail here in a heartbeat if I could. I absolutely love Maine and I think I only took one breath of air when I told Hans I could live here. I know everyone loves Florida but even though we've been living there for almost 3 years I do not feel at home and I know I never will.


This is a sand bar that stretches across Frenchman's Bay to a small island. You can cross at low tide which gives you about 4 hours to explore.

On our small balcony with a glass of wine. We have a view of the bay from our room.

4 fat quarters with a nautical theme.

While Hans was working I walked around town and found a small quilt store. I know I can find quilt fabric anywhere but I wanted something I knew came from my trip to Maine.


We head back home on Friday but before we get to the airport I'm stopping at a store we drove past on the way to our hotel. I got a kick out of it's name and after we visit there I'll tell you about it.


In the meantime I never thought I'd love having to wear a winter coat in May. There must be something in the air here.



Carolyn said...

Hi Laura, Sorry you don't feel at home in FL. Maybe you need to live here longer. LOL! I have been here 22 years and love it.
Regardless, we need to get together when you return.

laura said...

Carolyn, I think if we lived in a fully air conditioned house I would change my tune, we're going to try to update our air conditioning this summer.