Friday, May 16, 2014

Back in Steamy Florida

We really lucked out with our visit to Maine last week. I'd checked the weather forecast before going and rain was predicted nearly everyday. Instead, we enjoyed sunshine except for one evening when we sat on our balcony and watched a misty rain shower roll across Frenchman's Bay. So different from a rain shower here in Florida where the sky just opens up and dumps gallons of water on you and everything gets soaked before you even have a chance to close all the hatches.

We drove past this fabric store on our way into Bar Harbor.

I got such a kick out of seeing that sign so needless to say we stopped for a visit on our way back to the airport. In addition to tons of quilting fabrics she also had a lot of notions and patterns. If I lived there I know where I'd be spending quite a bit of time and money.

I had to buy something to remember my visit and I thought this was cute.


Back to reality. We arrived in Florida at nearly midnight and the next day we had to move the boat back to the marina (we had it worked on while we were gone). But first we had to move our holding tank* back into place since it had of course been sitting right where the mechanics needed to work. Getting it out was no picnic (I nearly puked while rinsing it out) but luckily getting it back in was easier. However, attaching the hoses to it involved a heat gun, and added to the fact that this took place in the engine room...

* For those of you who don't know what a holding tank is; it's basically a septic tank. Everyone gets pumped out once a week at the marina and believe me you don't want to be downwind of the pump-out cart that day.

This was after I crawled out of the engine room where I'd finished re-attaching the hoses to our head. Pure sweat!



We also picked Wilbur up from Doggy Day Care where he received a glowing report card. He was part of the Wild Child group; got an A for completing his bath, nail clipping, and ear cleaning with no problems, played well with others, and is a Teacher's Pet. He may be a red-nose pit but apparently he's also a brown noser!

Our watch dog keeping one eye open.


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