Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I should be sewing!

After a full day of travel we finally arrived home late Monday evening. Once we were on the bus for the hour ride home from the airport (oh how I love the smell of Diesel Fuel when I've been up for almost 24 hours!) I phoned Vet Tech Girl with our ETA so that we could collect Wilbur.

It was like I was suddenly sucked into a time warp.

You see, years ago when my kids were little, and I was able to escape work, kids, husband, cleaning, laundry, etc... for even a couple of hours, I was always punished with 'bad reports'. So much so that it severely discouraged any kind of desire to do anything without a kid or a husband strapped to my side.

My stomach sank lower than I thought it could (even with Diesel fumes) as Vet Tech Girl unleashed a litany of complaints about Wilbur and as far as she was concerned we couldn't take him off her hands fast enough.

He pooped every two hours.

He pooped on the floor.

He pooped in Duncan's crate.

He pooped everywhere but where he was supposed to.

Duncan got so sick of his poopy crate that he finally growled at Wilbur.

I spent the remainder of the bus ride in agony.

When we finally got to the apartment I looked up and saw this scene peeking from Vet Tech Girl's apartment.

Duncan on the far left.

Miley the dachshund (Duncan's girlfriend) in the middle.

And my darling Wilbur is on the right.

Vet Tech Girl hurled our baby at us and with luggage thumping around our ankles (and landing on my feet way too many times) we all surged into the apartment as one. After giving Wilbur a thousand hugs while he gyrated his way around the apartment, we unpacked, and I started in on our mountain of laundry.

Finally, I poured a stiff drink and headed for a hot bath.

This was before I discovered that it was obvious Wilbur had received at least one bath in our tub. I was almost in tears by this time but I cleaned the damn thing, and then had a good long soak.

Yesterday involved a trip to the vet with both Wilbur and Chlorox.

But not Hans.

He was busy with 'work' and that better not have been internet poker I saw on his computer when I left the apartment with an excited pit bull on one side and box full of screaming cat on the other!

Wilbur got 'tummy medicine', flea, tick, and heart worm preventer, micro chipped, his last vaccine, pro-biotics (because of his raw diet), and tons of attention.

Chlorox got Kitty Cat Prozac for our 5 hour trip to the boat, her vaccination which is good for three years (and I hope I get my money's worth as she's 14!!), and a lot of attention.
I got the bill.

This evening involved my getting a free hair cut (a gift certificate from a cleaning customer) at a local 'chic' boutique, and talk about feeling like Ellie Mae Clampett! My outfit complete with matching purse was entirely too 'matchy matchy' and I really need to get out more! Although at my age I refuse to get a tattoo!

And tomorrow I have an optometrist appointment as I ran out of contacts last week!

I took this picture of Wilbur tonight.

I think he's growing!!!

This is exactly what I'm looking at, on my right, as I type this.

He has no shame!

I guess if I want to get any sewing done I'll have to make an appointment with my sewing machine!


Cyndi said...

Perhaps Wilbur's tummy was upset because you left? That happened with Noah once, and we had to get "tummy medicine" when we got back, also.

Yes, I do believe Wilbur is growing...are you planning on having him neutered, or are you going to breed him? Noah lays on the couch in that position, but the view is not quite the same as he's neutered! LOL!!

That picture of the three dogs looking out the window is soooo cute!



laura said...

We're pretty sure the tummy trouble was stress related. Vet Tech Girl's schedule is awful and add to that the fact that she has 5 cats, and her roommate has a yappy dog.
We plan on having him neutered as soon as we come home from our trip. There are way too many dogs who need homes, and we don't want to add to the population!

Claire said...

Glad you're home safe. Cute dogggies! Wilbur missed you, likely. He has a good doggie mommy.

Katie Alender said...

Poor Wilbur! And poor Laura!

I do feel for Vet Tech Girl, because I dogsat for a friend once. Her dog drove me so crazy I actually took it to daycare every day to get a break from the following me around, shoving Winston out of the way, and whining nonstop!

Two Pitties in the City said...

But didn't you miss that? He looks so happy to be back with you.

laura said...

Two Pitties, we missed him so much and talked about him all the time!! He seems to be very happy to be back on a normal schedule and things are pretty much back to normal!

Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Love that picture of Wilbur in the window! Looks like he was missing you. Yes, it often seems that coming back from a vacation requires another vacation. Always so much to catch up on.