Saturday, May 1, 2010

Give a Dog a Bone (as long as the lady gets some fabric)

Wilbur arrived home early this morning from his 'Take your step-brother to work day'. Vet Tech Girl took him and Duncan to work with her last night for her 12 hour overnight shift at the vet clinic.

And what a time he had! He and Duncan shared a very large cage that allowed them to wrestle for hours, and then both of them (whether they wanted it or not!!) got a bath.

He was obviously tired so I didn't feel too horribly guilty for putting him in his crate so we could head out to the market district in search of a beef bone for him.

A couple of hundred bucks later we arrived home with a bone for Wilbur.

So how does a bone cost so much?

Actually the bone itself (and it's a nice meaty beef marrow bone covered in fat, and sinew, and blood) cost $4.26.

The rest of our money was spent on all kinds of wonderfully necessary things, such as, a beautiful amethyst pendant purchased from a Russian jeweler for me (to make up for the knee pads that I got for my 50th birthday!), a Penguins T-shirt for Hans, anchovy stuffed olives for me, a deep fried fish sandwich and beer for lunch, and a piece of fabric from an OMG!!!!!!! fabric store that's not a JoAnn's!.

I tried so hard not to go in, I really did. I told Hans that I didn't need or want anymore fabric! We're moving onto the boat in June and how much sense would that make?

So we went in.

"Boy, they're not stupid", Hans noted, upon spying the Sports Illustrated magazines and a comfy chair situated ever so invitingly just inside the door. I told him to 'sit' and thank God he's as smart as Wilbur, because he did, and after assuring him I wouldn't buy a thing I set off to explore.

What a store!!!!!! I've never seen such a selection of fabrics and everyone there is so stinking friendly (they will never get a job at JoAnn's!). They have books, notions, and tons of fun covered buttons. And if there's something you want that they don't have (I don't know how that's possible) just tell them and they will do their best to get it for you. The layout of the store is almost hypnotizing, it's that nice. I was on the second floor when one of the ladies pointed out some Sunbrella fabric to me.

Isn't this cool? I never knew Sunbrella had prints.

I bought a one yard piece of 60 inch wide fabric for $15.00.

I'm going to make a big tote/beach bag from it.

Actually I should be making cushions etc... but I don't have enough time!

Here it is at its full size along with an exhausted pit bull.

Wilbur spent an hour and a half chewing and gnawing on his juicy beef bone. He would sometimes stop mid-chew to pant like an idiot before starting to chew anew. Since then he's been pretty much comatose, so much so that Chlorox walked into the room, sniffed him, and then left.

He never budged.

And I'm so thankful that we've found a new use for the Potty Patch.

It makes a lovely $79.00 place mat.

"Didn't Duncan pee on that yesterday?" Hans observed.

"Don't ask." I replied.


Shannon said...

It sounds like everyone had the perfect evening! The pup is so cute!

Cyndi said...

Now that's what I call a bone! It's almost as big as Wilbur!!! LOL!! Don't they make great babysitters?

I'm glad you finally got a nice gift for your birthday....and that fabric is way cool! Can't wait to see the bag you make from that.

And about Chlorox and Wilson absolutely hated Noah when we first got him. It took a little while (several months) of hiding, spitting, hissing, and running away...but now they are best buds! She'll come around.



Mid-Life Cruising! said...

Sounds like Wilbur found the perfect home, and he's going to be spoiled! He's really cute.

laura said...

Cyndi, the bone was so big he didn't know what to think at first, and yes it's a wonderful babysitter! We're really hoping Chlorox will finally make peace with Wilbur, he's very curious about her but luckily he doesn't charge her and when she hisses, he backs right up.
Cheryl, he's already spoiled but we're really glad to have him.

laura said...

Hans read my post this morning and immediately set me straight on something. The pendant is Amber not Amethyst (I knew that! I just wasn't thinking), and the jeweler was from Poland, not Russia!!!
I stand corrected.

becki-c said...

Well, amber, that is a different story all together! Polish and Russian seem similar to me too!

I am glad that Hans and Wilbur are both happy, and Clorox has found that she doesn't mind him so much when he is sleeping.

Susan Fogel said...

I read several of your are seriously nuts! What an entertaining blog.
Love your "map of the world" sombra cloth! That's what we call sunbrella in Mexico.

I have that bag pattern, I made the bottom view with the bamboo handles...what a complicated waste of time. If you want to have fun and make a gorgeous bag or two check out
I have made dozens of her bags.
Many of my neighbors here in Mexico lived on boats for years, and most of them had sewing machines on board!
Please take a moment and visit my new blog:

Schwang said...

He looks so happy with the bone. I bet he's going to have great teeth!

laura said...

Schwang, we were thinking the same thing! But just in case, I try to brush his teeth every day. He doesn't quite get it but I hope he gets used to it.