Friday, April 30, 2010

Date Night

So it's been twelve days since Wilbur arrived in our lives.

Tonight Vet Tech Girl asked if she could please take him to the clinic with her for her 12 hour shift.

Being the trashy mother that I am, I agreed to it in a heartbeat!!!

This is probably because the little devil woke up around ONE AM last night and screamed for hours.

He was not hungry.

He was not cold.

He was just needy.

But we can't risk letting him out of his crate during the night just because he's decided he's lonely.

What I really don't understand is the fact that I heard all of it, and Hans slept through the whole thing!

Pssst...the word on the street is; cat poop is a rare delicacy and if you should find some, you should scarf it up before someone beats you to it!

And even if you get your butt smacked, and someone calls you a 'bad doggy' you should go for it anyway! It's that tasty.

But beware, this is what your teeth look like with kitty litter stuck in them, and for some reason no one wants to kiss you!

Here's a completely innocent puppy.

Do you really think he screams during the night thus making his mistress feel like she's spending the night in an insane asylum?

And why would anyone want to blog when they could gaze upon a beauty such as this?

I mentioned in a previous post that Hans and I are moving aboard our sail boat this June but at that time I didn't realize we were going to be bringing a dog along on the trip.

I did a bit of research and found that most dogs can be trained to go potty on board if they are trained to do so.

Enter The Potty Patch.

I bought it at PetCo to the tune of $79.00. 'Pets Love It!', is blasted across the front of the box, and it shows a happy little ankle biter (sporting a smile, I swear!) doing a wee-wee on the Potty Patch.

Pets love it? Sure they do!

About as much as I like having bamboo shoots shoved under my fingernails! At least that's the impression Wilbur has given us about this product. He's terrified of it. He side steps it, jumps over it, shivers in front of it, and all around won't poop on it!!!

Duncan on the other hand, thinks it's peachy keen! He came by for a play date today (where Wilbur, who's far too young, spent a tedious hour humping him) and took a big pee on the Potty Patch!

Tomorrow our little guy will come back home and then Hans and I are heading to the meat district where we hope to find a juicy cow femur bone (for hours of endless chewing, and not screaming, fun!!!) and maybe some advice on how to properly grind up raw chicken bones.

BTW, Chlorox is finally venturing out from the bedroom in small yet very important steps!
I thought once my kids were grown I would be able to relax.


redhotpepper said...

Oh bless you for getting a puppy! We adopted a rescue dog (on purpose) that was NOT a puppy. He's been a good guy but got into the trash today and smeared tarter sauce on my satin dress I was making.

He spent the rest of the day in kennel time out. He's now sleeping on the love seat like the 75 pound prince he thinks he is.


Cyndi said...

What great photos of Wilbur! I absolutely adore that second one. And you don't have to tell me about "cat cookies"!! Every dog I've had thought that they should snack out of the litter box. Nothing like cat poop breath! Ugh!!! Fixed that when I put the box in the laundry room and put in a kitty door so the cats could in and out but the dog couldn't get in there!

Maybe Duncan can teach Wilbur how to use the "potty patch". Perhaps if Wilbur smells where Duncan went, he'll get the idea? Good luck with that!

BTW, you told me to be sure to blog about Noah's birthday...I did! Go over and check it out if you'd like!



laura said...

redhotpepper, I have to hem my evening gown soon (I hate hemming!) and I'm hoping Wilbur behaves himself.

Cyndi, we've actually moved the litter box to our bedroom! Honestly the things we do for our pets. And in addtion to Duncan peeing on the potty patch, I've sprayed it with stuff that's supposed to make them want to go on it. Wilbur will have none of it. However I guess we're lucky that he doesn't go in the apartment!

Katie Alender said...

It seemed to help Winston when we let him sleep with our dirty clothes! Although Wilbur might be a chewer... but I would take the husb's tee-shirt from that day and put it over the pillow part of Winston's bed. Nothing like some familiar body odor to help you feel at home. ;-)

laura said...

Katie, Thank you so much!! I'm going to put my 'running' shirt in with him tonight. However I have to admit we had to resort to using Duncan's Bark Collar, and very successfully I might add. I probably never would have used one thinking it was inhumane, but Vet Tech Girl say's it's ok. I was worried that his screaming might hurt his throat which was already damaged in his previous life. This little guy would sleep for hours with us if we let him but I think it's important for him to learn that the crate is his space.