Saturday, April 3, 2010

Small sewing update, and some overall catching up!

Last night we took full advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and went to a restaurant that had an (OMG!) outside eating area, and today we went for a big bike ride.
There's something to be said for fresh air because I'm so beat right now I feel like I just spent the whole day at the beach with my kids.
Does anyone know what I mean?
So anyway I did get around to cutting out my dress lining this evening (how did I ever manage to sew without a cat lying all over my fabric!!!!) and got it sewn together. Since it's cut on the bias I have it hanging on Sally Stitch so it can 'grow'.
Here is the front. No big deal.

But check out the back. What is that? you might wonder. It looks weird, and gives the impression of a colonial apron.
Actually, it's my dress lining with a cotton sateen insert in the back (and yes, I cut it on the bias!!).
I had to do this because I am a perspire-er (I know that's not a word and I would say sweater but that sounds like an item of clothing).
I sweat very easily.
I don't like it but I can't help it.
I despise panty hose (and won't need them with this dress anyway) and I've never worn Spanx (didn't I mention sweat?), so if I have to sit my bare skin on something, it's going to be cotton and NOT polyester!!
That's the wonderful thing about making your own clothes, and no one will ever know that cotton panel is there!
Now on to some catching up.
I feel like a heel because Gwen, over at All My Seams , nominated me for the Sunshine Award awhile back and I'm only just now acknowledging it. I was certainly surprised and I thought it was very nice of her to include me.
I should pass the award on to twelve other bloggers, however, I've found that a lot of the blogs I frequent, don't like receiving them.
So I think what I'd like to do is this; Once a month I'm going to pay tribute to a blog. It may be one that everyone has read or it may be a new one that I've stumbled upon.
So stay tuned!
And then Cyndi, at BlueBirdSwing, had a fantastic give-away for a bunch of purse patterns on her blog, and I was going to pass this info to anyone who might be interested but I didn't!!! The deadline was over right around the time I got home from Florida and it just didn't happen! But if you like purses you should take a look at her site, and I think she mentioned having another give-away at the end of this month (don't hold me to this now!!!).
Tomorrow we head back to my little swamp town to spend Easter Sunday with my parents, their obnoxious doberman Kissy Pooh, and two of my kids (Vet Tech Girl has to work). We'll also celebrate my son's birthday as twenty-seven years ago he was born on April Fool's Day which was also Good Friday, and the fact that he took forever to arrive, had to be coaxed out with 'high' forceps during which the obstetrician braced himself by placing one foot on my bed and leaning back to pull this stubborn baby out, was not a joke!
Hmmm, why do I think I'll have something to post about tomorrow night???


gwensews said...

Putting a cotton panel in the back of that lining is very clever. I do know what you mean about fresh air and sunshine. The combination can make you sleep like a baby.

Shirley said...

One reason I try to only buy cotton clothes is that I hate sweating in other material. My April Fools' baby needed forceps 20 years ago for his birth. Maybe it's part of their first April Fools' prank?

Cyndi said...

I agree with Gwen...ingenious idea to put that cotton panel in the lining of your dress. And I also identify with Shirley...I only buy cotton clothes, too. I'm a perspire-er like you! And menopause sure doesn't help that, either!

Thanks, Laura. I am still going to have a give away this month. I've been thinking about what I'm going to do, but it will definitely be for a bag!