Sunday, April 18, 2010

When I say no, I mean no! Absolutely not! No way!

So what the hell is this thing doing in our apartment?

It looks suspiciously like a dog crate.

Chlorox wants to know what all these accessories are doing here. She doesn't need chew toys, she doesn't have any front claws so she surely doesn't want a peti-cure, and when was the last time she chewed on a Kong?

She thoroughly enjoyed my afternoon of sewing (she writhed all over the fabric) but has no idea why I felt the need to make a great big cushion from my stash of fleece. With a camo theme no less!

I think she'll find out tomorrow when Wilbur moves into his new forever home.

And yes folks, that means that when Hans and I make our move aboard The Knotty Cat this June, we're not only going to take along an elderly cat, we're going to be joined by a pit bull rescue puppy!

Life with us is never boring!


Schwang said...

So exciting!!! I guess he does love boats.

Cyndi said...

Oh my gosh, Laura, I'm so excited! Yea, Wilbur gets a great home. I have been worrying about that little pup and am so glad that you and Hans decided to adopt him. I'm sure it won't take long for him to get his "sea legs"! And, I can't wait to hear all the stories that's going to come out of your adventure! :o)



Katie Alender said...

Ha ha! He GOT you! This must be why my husband would never, ever let me foster a puppy.

What a wonderful life Wilbur will have! Although no doubt he will forever live in fear of the cat.

laura said...

Schwang, We certainly hope he loves boats! I know he likes our little deck though because he stretched out on it and took a sunbath.

Cyndi, I'm not sure I'm ready for too many doggy adventures at sea!

Katie, I knew as soon as Vet Tech Girl brought him into our apartment that we were in trouble! And just a few minutes ago he ventured into our bedroom (where Chlorox is hiding under the bed) and was met with an almighty hiss.

Anne LO said...

I was wondering - how do pets poop onboard a boat?

Ken n Cheryl said...

We're so glad Wilbur has a new home! Pitt bulls can be so sweet, and we can tell Wilbur is in that category. He'll be so thankful!

laura said...

Anne, I mention on my next post about the potty situation.

Ken & Cheryl, this pup is beyond sweet!! I just hope he's happy on the boat.