Sunday, April 11, 2010

A small amount of sewing and a BIG announcement

My evening gown is pretty much done except for the hemming (which I hate doing!). I actually put off inserting the invisible zipper for about four days because I was just sure I would either ruin it or I would find that the fit was wrong.
Well, it went in beautifully and the fit is pretty good. I'll post pictures after it's hemmed.
Now my Big News.
It seems that Hans and I are moving onto our boat this summer. Our goal, when we bought our Knotty Cat, was that we would eventually live on board but we just weren't sure about the timing. Hans has decided the time is now.
I'm still trying to get used to the whole thing and we have a lot to do to get ready. We've decided to keep our apartment for at least the first three months just in case one or both of us decide that this was one crazy idea! But why would anyone think this is a crazy idea?

This was last month when we went down to Annapolis to remove her winter shrink wrap. It's an expensive procedure but it was certainly the winter to have it done. Can you imagine fifty or so inches of snow sitting on top of your boat? I read about some boats sinking in their slips due this problem.
Hans is peeking out of the hole we cut through so we could get aboard.

This is what she looks like without her winter coat.

We have a small TV on board and we use a digital converter to access channels.
We normally use 'bunny ears' for reception but they've disappeared. Neither of us can remember what the hell we did with them but Hans McGuyver came up with this.
It looks like a still (wouldn't that be great?) or a strange science experiment but it's just a piece of cable (with the 'pin' in the center of the connection) taped to a metal piece on the converter. With the cable propped up on these water jugs we got great reception!

Here we are in the fall of last year.
We plan on heading north this June. I've always wanted to see Cape Cod, Nantucket, etc... and I recently bought 'Of Whales and Women' written by Frank Gilbreth (author of Cheaper by the Dozen). The Gilbreth's vacationed on Nantucket every summer (and if you ever read his books you know they lived in two lighthouses, now long gone) and Frank's descriptions and humor are wonderful.
He also wrote 'Innside Nantucket' (yes I have that one too!) and it's a humorous account of his brother and sister-in-law's attempt at running a bed and breakfast back in the 50's. The Inn has changed hands and is still in operation. I found it here.
This was Chlorox's reaction when we told her she'd be living on a boat.
We can't leave her behind and she's far too attached to me to even try to live with someone else.
This is Chlorox's 'contemplative' look.
She plans on writing a book about her adventures and she's going to use this picture on her book jacket.


becki-c said...

What a fabulous adventure! You almost sound excited. It sounds like an awfull lot of togetherness to me, but memories that you will cherish forever.satorish

becki-c said...

I forgot to add, "how romantic!"

laura said...

Becki, actually Hans and I get along very well and even though others have expressed the 'togetherness' concern, we're not worried about it.
I just don't want my family to feel like we're ditching them, even though we will be a quick phone call and/or plane ride away from them.
In the end it's just a camper on the water!

Mary said...

Wow, what is the sewing going to be like on a boat? Sounds fun!

Cyndi said...

How fun! Is this something you two are going to make "permanent" or just for a while? I have a friend at home in Louisiana who has lived on his boat (48 foot sailboat) for most of his adult life. He's married - no kids - and he and his wife both have jobs, but when the weekend comes, you can find them out in the Gulf somewhere, livin' the life!

I say enjoy, because life's just too stinking short to not do the things you love!



Schwang said...

So exciting! I've read about people doing this, and I'm so proud to actually "know" someone taking on this great venture. Do you get to keep blogging? I love Clorax's expression.cco

Dog Foster Mom said...

Oh, I'm so jealous! I almost bought a houseboat once with the plans to live aboard, but unfortunately it fell through and I never got the opportunity again. Your boat is awesome!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog post about Butterscotch. It helped my niece to feel better with all the supportive comments everyone left.

Ken n Cheryl said...

Knotty Cat is really nice! We're from Louisiana and hoping to be full-time cruisers in about 1.5 years. We look forward to hearing your experiences down the East Coast and into the Bahamas.

TE said...

Laura! Elmer Fudd was at my house Monday night! In this iteration he's a loud Republican, unable to separate personal from political. Reawwy!!! I'm helping his son (not quite as raging Republican) run for non-partisan Town Council here. The dad came to a meeting at my house. If he'd made it into the kitchen to see the Obama stuff on my fridge, he'd have "wun scweaming fwom the wwoom!" Seriously, I was channelling your Elmer Fudd moment. (Not that it matters I'm a Democrat. Elmer Dad would have hated "the opposition" no matter what side he approached from.) Hope I don't offend your readers. Feel free to delete - had to tell you.

laura said...

Mary, there won't be any sewing on board this time around. We don't have a generator and irons use a lot of power!

Cyndi, a surprising amount of people 'live aboard' and have full time jobs. Hans does a lot of consulting so he can work off the boat. We're going to give it a three month try to see if this is what we really want to do!

Schwang, we will tether Hans' phone for internet access so I'll be able to blog. I'm trying to come up with a good name for a sailing blog too.

Dog Foster Mom, I always thought a house boat would be fun. Our catamaran is pretty close to this!

Ken n Cheryl, I've been following some sailing sites that are also making this trek. It seems like a lot of them have mechanical/engine issues. I don't even want to go there!!!

TE, Since I know for a fact that 'Wich' only had daughters I'm sure he wasn't your unpolitically correct visitor. Maybe he has a brother??? Too funny!